Makeup For Red Lipstick Days

This is a question I get alot.  How do I wear red lipstick?  Or more often, people will tell me they feel like they look like a kid who found her mom’s makeup drawer when they wear red (or bright) lipstick.

But, hey, who’s your gal who’s always got a beauty trick up her sleeve?  ME!  I’ve got your back on this one.

I mean.  Come on.  This packaging.  This red.  I can't deal.

I mean. Come on. This packaging. This red. I can’t deal.  Marchesa for Revlon in “Love That Red.”

The biggest thing that I’ve found with red lips is that I have to wear eye makeup.  I know.  I know.  Magazines always tell us if one things is bold, go light with the rest of your look so it doesn’t look like you are wearing All.  The.  Makeup.  But what I’ve found works best for me is to do a full eye, just in lighter shades.  When I’ve done barely any eye makeup, I look weird.  Like tired, weird.  Not, Lady Is A Vamp, hubba-hubba, look at those red lips!  WHICH IS WHAT I GO FOR WHEN I GO FOR IT.  Ya know?

I do my foundation and contouring/highlight routine as I normally would.  I like a full coverage foundation best with bold lips.  (I need to do an updated foundation post, I’ve discovered so many good new foundations!)  For blushes, I like a light dusting of orange or peach blush with red lips (trust me the orange only sounds scary) and for purple or hot pink lips, I do a softer pinky peach shade.


Then it’s onto the eyes!

Prime Time, Ya Dime (Piece):  I start by priming my eyelids.  Lorac and Urban Decay both make great eye primers.  I’ve never tried it, but I heard E.L.F. has a great one too for $3.

1.  I go to my crease and use a light taupe shade, “Bliss” from my Stila In The Light palette.  Instead of using a crease brush, I use a liner brush and draw a very thin line in the crease of my eye, then blend. For a budget shadow set, Physician’s Formula makes a great matte quad in “Classic Nudes.” The bottom right shade is a dupe for “Bliss.”

3.  I use a crease brush and the same shade from step 1 and do a line under my eyes.

4.  Using “Kitten” from Stila and a fluffy brush, I dab a bit of shadow right under the arch of my eyebrow and at the inner corners of my eyes.  I really make sure this is blended well, as it’s the only shadow I’m using that has shimmer.

5.  With a chocolate brown liner or matte black liner, I line the upper lids and inside my lower lid.  I do a mini cat eye with my liner, it’s the most flattering liner shape for my eye.

6.  I take a darker chocolate brown shade, “Sandstone” from the Stila palette or “Brown Smolder” from Covergirl, and with a liner brush I go around the liner on both the top and bottom lids.  On the bottom I try to stay as close to the lash line as possible.  On the top lid, I go right above the liner, to blur the liner line a bit.  Blend all the eye makeup with a clean eye brush.

6.  Curl your lashes then add mascara or falsies and you’re done!

how-to-wear-red-lipstick-makeup-tutorial.jpeg how-to-wear-red-lipstick-makeup-tutorial.jpeg

I like this eye look, because it defines your eyes without overwhelming them with makeup.  It brightens up the looks of your eyes, so you don’t get that no-makeup tired look.

Then add your red or bold lip and it’s HUBBA HUBBA time.



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  • Olufunmi
    June 11, 2014

    ur lips!!!!!!!!! Love!! such a lovely color!

      June 18, 2014

      Thank you that is so sweet of you!! It’s under $8 also! 🙂

  • deborah
    June 11, 2014

    I agree about the eyes needing some sort of definition/shadow with red lips. Otherwise I look weak eyed and people ask if I’m sick (not WOW you look great!) Add a little eye makeup and I will generally get a few compliments, LOVE your color selection. Gonna give it a try!

      June 18, 2014

      Thank you! It’s crazy what a difference a few swipes of eyeshadow can make, right?? Glad you like the colors too. 🙂

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