Easy, Last Minute Halloween Batman Mask with Everyday Makeup

Let’s start out by saying there are some POPPIN’ halloween makeup tutorials on YouTube.


I am the official Grinch of Halloween.  I don’t love the holiday.  I know.  I just don’t.

I worked as a princess and dress up character for many years for a children’s birthday party company.  I loved that job, the kid’s reactions to having their favorite princess come to their birthday party were a-mazing and beyond adorable, but I definitely feel like I put my time in with costumes.  I just don’t get excited at the idea of dressing up anymore.

Now, I do actually dress up, I’m not a total grinch, but I just don’t get super into it.  This is a super easy mask to do as a last minute costume.  Throw this on with a black t-shirt and jeans and you will not get accused of not dressing up for Halloween.

You can use your every day makeup for this, no need to buy anything special.

You will need:

– black gel eyeliner

– a slanted eye liner brush

– a larger, dense eye brush

– black eye shadow

– mascara

– false lashes (I may not love dressing up, but my love of glamour never takes a back seat.)

– duo lash glue

– red lipstick

The basics:

Step 1:  Draw a “C” shape on either side of your eye.

Step 2:  Draw an “M” with curly ends on the top.

Step 3:  Draw three spikes on the bottom of the mask.

Step 4:  Draw around your eyes in a super hero almond shape.

Step 5:  Fill in the mask.

Step 6:  Line your eyes, prime them so the shadow sticks, do a black smokey eye, then smudge it all the way to the edge of the lines you drew in step 4.  Add mascara and lashes.  Add red lipstick.

Here is the video, which hopefully makes everything super clear.

Ba-hum-bug!  Just kidding, have a great Halloween 🙂

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Go Get (Spooky) Glam!


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