Connie Britton “Nashville” Spiral Curls Hair Tutorial

Every single episode I watch of the tv show “Nashville” is spent half engaged in the drama and half wondering how one woman’s hair can be so gorgeous.

Seriously, Connie Britton’s hair in the show gives me life.  The curls, the color, the hair.  One of my favorite looks from the last two seasons was this stunning spiraled look, that we shall recreate today.  Let’s just jump right in, because curls wait for no woman.

This looks works best if you prep your hair by washing with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner, and a bit of volume creme.

You will need:

heat protectant

– clips to hold extra hair up

– a brush

hair spray

dry shampoo

– two curling irons, a 1″ traditional barrel curling iron and a 1″ tapered barrel iron


1.  Prep your hair by spraying the heat protectant lightly all over.  If you hair doesn’t hold curl easily, you can spray hairspray now as well.

2.  Curl your hair in small sections, varying the size of each piece, but never grabbing a section more than 1′ wide.  Leave out the bottom half inch of hair.  Change up between the traditional and tapered curling irons, to create a varied texture and more natural looking curl.

3.  Curl some pieces towards your face and others away.  I curl all the hair around my face, away from my face.  Then throughout, I curl 1 piece forward and 2 pieces away.

4.  Curls hair at the front of your face all the way up to your head.

5.  Spray hair spray in light, horizontal layers, throughout your hair, up to your roots, and also on your ends.  This will add a ton of volume and also help hold the curls.

6.  Repeat with dry shampoo on different horizontal layers.  This will give your hair extra boost without any crunch, and also absorb oils throughout the day.

7.  Re-curl and/or pull out a few small pieces around the top of you head and spiral them all the way up to your scalp.

8.  Rub a pea size amount of oil through your hair, focusing it on your ends and using whatever is left on your hands to scrunch up through your curls.

All done!

I felt like a video was easier to follow for this hair tutorial, so I shall present it to you below.

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