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/ March 14, 2015

Friendship Friday – Annabelle

Today’s Friendship Friday face is my lovely friend Annabelle.  She and I met when we were both doing stand up and she’s a very funny gal with a heart as big as her hair.  Which we need to talk about in a minute.

Annabelle also has 4 rescue cats and is so sweet and caring with them.  Her parents just adopted a little rescue puppy that JUST WANTS TO SAY HI TO EVERYONE.  It crushes my heart with sweetness.

Annabelle and I were talking about natural makeup one day and she admitted to me that she’s never done “natural” makeup.  She grew up doing beauty pageants, so learned that style of makeup.  It’s all or nothing for her, no makeup or full glam.  Well, imagine being me and hearing that.  My little beauty brain started spinning and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on her pretty face!

Now before we get started, I do want to say that I am in no way disparaging heavy makeup or saying that natural makeup is better than full glam, etc etc.  We wear what we feel comfortable with, so this was more about having Annabelle try something different.  Live and let live, but also try new things!

Onto the fun times!


I’d been wanting to curl Annabelle’s naturally thick and naturally long hair forever.  I thought she had extensions when we first met, that’s how long her hair is!  It’s nuts.  Annabelle has a picture on her Instagram of her at five years old and she has the same long, thick hair.  It’s one of my all time favorite pictures.  She’s smiling into the camera with a giant head of hair pushed to the side like she’s on Saved By The Bell and it’s just Everything.  But Annabelle could never get her hair to hold a curl, because it is so heavy.

Long Hair = I went to work.

I started by spraying her hair with ghd heat protecting spray.  Then I wrapped small sections around the ghd creative curl tapered curling iron.  (Full video coming soon on how to use a tapered wand)  I clipped up the curls to set them and started on Annabelle’s makeup.

After Annabelle’s makeup was finished, the curls were totally cooled.  I took them down and shook them out with my fingers only, no brush.  I lightly sprayed with curls with a mist of hair spray.  Then, I teased the crown with a boar bristle teasing brush for a bit of volume.


This was so much fun.  I wanted to show that “natural” makeup can still be achieved with heavier coverage, but lighter/softer tones – soft glam.  So on Annabelle’s eyes I used a lot of mauves and soft browns mixed with a touch of pink.

I prepped the skin with a light, but effective moisturizer and let it sink in while I curled her hair.  Then, before applying foundation, I used the Laura Mercier Hydrating Primer to prep her skin.  To match her face to her body tan, I used my Graftobian creme foundation palette and mixed a few shades.  The hydrating primer helped thin it out as it is a very full coverage foundation.  I highlighted and contoured with my usualsBecca, Becca and little Anastasia.

Blush: Makeup Forever Creme blush in #220, Pink Sand applied with a Bdellium small stippling brush

Eyes: Lorac Pro 1 & 2 palettes

* crease & under eye – light brown mixed with mauve

* outer corners – mauve

* lid – cream

Eyeliner: Charlotte Tilbury Rock N’ Kohl in Barbarella Brown on the inner water line and L’Oreal gel liner in brown on top, close to the lash line.  I used Dark Brown shadow from the Lorac Pro 1 palette tapped over the liner to set it.

Lashes: Red Cherry Individuals in “short” at the inner corners and “medium” length in the middle and outer corner, with one “short” placed on the farthest outer corner to make it look more natural.

Eyebrows: I used the Lorac Pro palette, Dark Brown shadow to fill in Annabelle’s eyebrows lightly (she already has naturally full brows) then set then with Anastasia Beverly Hills brow gel in Pewter.

Lips: E.L.F mineral lipstick in Rosy Tan ($5) and E.L.F. Mineral lip gloss in Pageant Queen (for my pageant queen!) on just the center of her lips ($3).

The Finished Look:

annabelle-desisto-makeup-before-after-stand-up-glam-to-natural-beauty-blog-los-angeles.jpegannabelle-desisto-makeup-before-after-stand-up-glam-to-natural-beauty-blog-los-angeles.jpeg annabelle-desisto-makeup-before-after-stand-up-glam-to-natural-beauty-blog-los-angeles.jpeg annabelle-desisto-makeup-before-after-stand-up-glam-to-natural-beauty-blog-los-angeles.jpeg

Thank you so much for reading!  Any thoughts on your own makeup routines?  Do you tend to go for the same look every day or switch things up?

Feel free to share this post of Pinterest or Facebook!  You can follow me on Instagram @girlgetglamorous and for laughs follow Annabelle on Twitter @AnnabelleLee417

Go Get Glam!




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