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/ April 13, 2014

E.L.F. Products Worth Buying

I will never forget when the world’s greatest woman (my mom) said to me “it’s not a bargain if you don’t need it.”  For a gal who likes a deal, that one hit home.

I think this is especially true with makeup.

Think about it this way: I didn’t want to spend $32 on the gorgeous YSL lipstick I saw and swatched and knew I’d love, because it felt too expensive.  But then I went to a drugstore and bought four products I kind-of-half-liked and maybe will use a few times before they sit untouched in a drawer.  So the fancy lipstick that I’d use everyday might have actually been a better purchase in the end.

Which is why I wanted to do this post of E.L.F. makeup.  I want to let you know what works so you don’t waste your money trying a billion things (I already did)!

Some gems in there!
Some gems in this shipment!

E.L.F. stands for “eyes, lips, face.”  Their products range from $1-$2 for their “Essential” line, $3-$6 for their “Studio” line, and $3 to $8 for their “Mineral” line.  Also, E.L.F. is cruelty-free, no animal testing, which is awesome!  Another reason to love them.  I will tend to purchase a lot of their products at once, as shipping is free after $35 and as I mentioned, I’m all for a Hot Deal.  But these orders always remind me of my mom’s saying.  It isn’t a deal if it’s sitting in a box in my closet collecting dust.

SO, my favorite products from E.L.F. in no particular order.  Also, I’m sure there are more that are great, but these are my favorites out of the products I’ve tried from the line.

1.  H.D. Undereye Setting Powder, $3.  I knew I was supposed to be setting my concealer with a powder.  But I wasn’t, because I felt like all the powders were accentuating the fine lines around my eyes.  So maybe I’d swipe my powder brush over my concealer as an afterthought.  Then I found this setting powder and let’s just say the game was changed.  It brightens up your under eye area, sets concealer, is micro fine, and has the perfect amount of ‘shimmer’ to diffuse dark circles.  Dark circles are gone.  This stuff is legit.  I use it with the e.l.f. flawless concealer brush, because the brush it came with is decent but so, so, so tiny and I just want it set faster.

2.  Mineral Lip Gloss, $3.  Non-sticky, with the perfect amount of color.  100% all natural.  This stuff is rad!  I have Au Naturale and Pageant Princess, both are great soft colors.

3.  Mineral Lipstick, $5.  Also 100% natural.  The colors are beautiful and pigmented.  A lot of the shades are dupes for high-end brand colors.

4.  Studio Eyebrow Kit, $3.  Good stuff!  Comes with a little brush to apply and blend.  I just wish it came in a shade for redheads.  But the cream is good to fill in brows and the powder sets everything.

5.  Studio Cream Eyeliner with Brush, $3.  The eyeliner itself is good, but transfers to my top lid when I do a cat eye if I don’t set it with setting spray, sigh.  BUT the brush that came with it has the perfect slant.  I use it with all my gel/creme eyeliners because it is so amazing.

6.  Studio Contour “Crease” Brush, $3.  I use this brush Every.  Dang.  Day.  It’s the perfect, perfect size for the crease of my eye.

7.  Studio Flawless Concealer Brush, $3.  Blends concealer and perfect to use with the H.D. setting powder.

8.  Studio Matte Lip Color, $3.  On their own, the nude shades are not quite right for me.  But paired with a mineral gloss on top, they give me a beautiful natural lip.

9.  Studio Lip Definer & Shaper, $3.  This double sided pencil is a great lipliner and the shades also work well on their own as a full lip color.

10.  Studio Small Angled Brush, $3.  This is a great brush for both cream and gel eyeliners, to put eyeshadow around the liner, and/or to fill in your eyebrows.  That’s a lot of bang for $3 dollar billz.

11.  Studio Mineral Infused Face Primer in Green, $6.  The counteracts the redness in my skin tone.  Awesome for pale ladies like me!  It also helps blend light acne scars.  I don’t use it all over my face, just lightly dabbed on spots of redness and blended well.

12.  Studio Blush, $3.  Very pigmented and blends easily.  A lot of these shades are rumored to be dupes for Nars blush shades.  I find the shades to give a really natural flush.  But I do have to use a light hand with them, as they are very pigmented.

13.  Mineral Lip Liner, $3.  100% natural, gives a nice clean line.  I use it in peachy and rose.

14.  Pressed Mineral Eyeshadow, $3.  I like the shimmer shades very much.  The matte ones aged the look of my eyes and gave my lids creases that weren’t there.  But the shimmer ones didn’t do that have tons of pigment and with primer, lasted me 8 hours without budging.  I like shades “Wine Tour” and “Lunch Break.”  Two things I’d also like to be doing right now.

I have also heard good things about the Mineral Eyeshadow Primer, but I haven’t tried it yet. *Update, it was discontinued but replaced with the Pro Primer.


E.L.F. Mineral lipstick and lip gloss. Pouty Petal layered over Rosy Tan (1 swipe each). Topped off with Au Naturale.
E.L.F. Mineral lipstick and lip gloss. Pouty Petal layered over Rosy Tan (One swipe each). Topped off with Au Naturale.


Shop e.l.f. {here}

Check out my updated e.l.f. post {here}

I hope this list helps, let me know if you have any E.L.F. favorites below.  Also, if you are wondering about a specific E.L.F. product, ask below and if I used it I’ll weigh in.

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  1. e.l.f. products that I’ve tried. Studio line mascara. Not too good. Water proof eyeliner pen in Coffee, stays put and I love the color. What I’ve really found to be amazing is the lip stain! Once put on. I add my favorite lip balm because like most stains it can feel a bit dry. This stays all day and sometimes till night! This does not rub off on anything. I love this product as well as the eye shadow brush. Love the eye shadow brush. It feels high end. I’d not heard of this line before reading this. It’s been a long time since I went to Wal Mart for make up! Thanks for the tip. I’ll try the more expensive mascara. 🙂