Bumble & Bumble “Straight” Blow Dry | Product Review

by Molly Gardner

Most of the time when I try a new hair product, I can’t really tell if it did anything different.  When I woke up the day after using the new Bumble & bumble “Straight” Blow Dry cream, my hair was definitely different in a very good way.

I had loosely blown it half-way dry the night before, a “rough dry.”  I let the rest air dry and then got my beauty sleep.  When I woke up, my hair felt like silk.  It’s so rare for me to get a sample size of something and know that I will buy the full size.  Most of the time I feel like its a strong “like”, but not a must have.  This cream is a Must Have.

Product Info

It comes in a 2 oz travel size that’s $14 and a 5 oz tube that retails for $30.  The tubes are all flexible plastic, with a flip top cap.

I prefer this kind of a tube because you get all the product out, which is important to me when I’ve dropped those Big Dolla Bills on a fancy hair product.

I received a .5 oz sample tester size, with a screw on cap, that I’ll keep for traveling.


This is a light cream, that isn’t heavy at all.  It almost seems to emulsify into a serum once on my hair.  Super light weight but creamy.


The smell is light, but addicting.  I keep smelling my hair all day long, like a weirdo.

It’s a unisex scent, so very dude friendly as well.  If you hate any sort of a scent in your hair products, I’d skip this one.  But I love a light scent and this one is so well done.  It’s just perfect.

I challenge you to use it and try to not keep smelling your hair.  It smells so clean and slightly woodsy and beachy all at the same time.

How I Use This Gem

I have only used this when I’ve blown my hair dry at least a little at the roots.  It does say that the product is heat activated, so if you are a total wash-and-go gal or guy, not sure how this would work for you.  It does eliminate frizz on me even when I’ve only dried my hair briefly (30 seconds to a minute).

I use a pea size amount for my entire head o’ hair.  I apply that drop while my hair is towel dried, but definitely still wet.

On hot/humid days, I do still use a small amount of Living Proof Prime around my face to keep that hair from frizzing up while I go about all my Very Important Daily Business (making smoothies, writing, looking at my lipstick drawer and swooning).


I find that it makes my hair frizz-free, without weighing it down at all.  My hair is colored, but at this point is all grey, so it does have a naturally wiry texture. This cream gets rid of all that frizz.

It doesn’t add any volume, so if I want really big hair, I do add a little volumizing foam first.  But because this product is so lightweight, layering products doesn’t make my hair heavy at all.  Most of the time, I just use the Straight cream on it’s own and tease my crown after.

I feel like I can’t emphasis this enough:  this product gives me the shiniest, straight hair with a flat iron and the smoothest loose curls.  Ever.  It eliminates all frizz and makes my hair smooth without weighing it down at all.

I also tried the new Bumble & bumble “Repair” cream, but found that to be slightly too heavy for me and didn’t control frizz at all.  I preferred the lighter, smoothing finish of the “Straight” cream.

The Proof Is In The Pics

The first pic is the “rough dry” I was describing.  No brush, just shaking my hair up as I move the dryer around.  Second pic is when the hair is all dried, before styling and the third pic is my hair all styled like a Dime Piece Diva!

bumble-and-bumble-straight-blow-dry-out-cream-styling-best-hair-no-frizz-beauty-blog-blogger-los-angeles.jpeg bumble-and-bumble-straight-blow-dry-out-cream-styling-best-hair-no-frizz-beauty-blog-blogger-los-angeles.jpeg bumble-and-bumble-straight-blow-dry-out-cream-styling-best-hair-no-frizz-beauty-blog-blogger-los-angeles-strawberry-blonde-hair-dye.jpeg

Look how smooth my hair is!

Look how smooth my hair is!

Shop | Bumble & Bumble “Straight” 

Thank you for reading!  I hope this review helps, especially if you’ve seen this product around and wondered how it performs.  Or if you are on the market for a new frizz-fighting product.  Please feel free to share any pics on Pinterest or repost this post on Facebook.  So many people have told me that they found the blog through a friend recommending it or reposting something on Facebook, so I really appreciate that!  You can find me on Instagram @girlgetglamorous.

Go Get Glam!


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Cynthia Popper April 15, 2015 - 6:21 pm

OH how I heart this product … aaaaand I totally forgot about it (why why?). On my Sephora shopping list! XX


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