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/ May 4, 2015

5 Under $5 | Products That’ll Blow Your Dang Mind

It this day and age, finding any beauty product for under $5 is kind of a big deal.  Add to that having the product also be awesome and my mind is kind of blown.

Here’s five products that blew my dang mind and will hopefully blow yours!

1.  Spornette Little Wonder Brush, $4.99:

I bought this teasing comb on a whim and am SO glad I did.  It really packs hair in for teasing, without damaging or pulling on my hair.  The bristles are a combination of synthetic and boar and really work.  The rat tail side parts hair smoothly and neatly.

2.  Ardell False Eyelashes Multi Length Pack, $4.99:

Lashes give me the most impact for a single product.  I’m obsessed with individual false lashes, which look super natural, as they are applied one-by-one and don’t have a large band at the base.  This pack has all four lengths so you can make the falsies look even more natural by varying the length to match your natural lash pattern.

3.  NYX Round Case Lipstick, $3.99:

This lipstick has tons of pigment and is super creamy.  They have every shade you can imagine, so if you’ve ever wondered what purple lipstick would look like on you, go for it.  I love the peach nude Pumpkin Pie and deep red Chaos shades.

4.  Chapstick SPF 15, $5 for a 3- pack:

I reach for this product at least 3 times a day.  It’s one of the only lip balms to contain an SPF without having an odd texture or taste.  I buy these in three packs and keep them in my car, vanity, hiking backpack, purse, and on my nightstand.  The 3-pack is still under $5!

5.  E.L.F. Powder Brush, $3:

I’m not kidding, I’ve had this brush for almost 4 years and the bristles still look new and perform just as well as they did on Day 1.  The handle did break where the metal and wood combine.  I had to re-glue it, but for $3, I’ll re-glue.   I ended up buying another one for my makeup kit to use on clients, because it deposits just the right amount of powder onto my T-zone.

Bonus Buy:

6.  Colourpop Lipsticks and Pencils, $5 each:

Man, I love these.  They have so many shades, are opaque with one swipe, have matching lip liner and lipstick shades, and show the swatches on 3 different skin tones on their website (anyone who has fair or deep skin can appreciate seeing what the product will actually look like on your skin tone!)  I can’t say enough nice things about this brand and these lip products.

What are your best beauty deals?  Anything you can’t live without?  Thank you for reading, please feel free to share my top picks on your Facebook or Pinterest!  You can find me on Instagram @girlgetglamorous.

Go Get Glam!




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