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/ August 5, 2014

This Contouring Brush Wins.

Did anyone else feel like contouring came out of no where and came in full force?  Contouring came in hot!  I feel like even makeup companies were surprised by our overwhelming love and need for contouring products that work.

Even with all these powders and creams and palettes launching for contouring, one problem remained for me, and that was my lack of a perfect contouring brush.  And we all know without the right tools, even the most gorgeous pile of wood can’t become a house.

I first saw this brush in a Tarte email and was immediately intrigued.  Could this be the solution to my contouring needs?  I “happened” to be at a Sephora later that day and saw the brush in real life.

My first impression.  Wow.  Soft bristles, well made, perfectly packed, and great price.  $32 for essentially 2 brushes.  Tarte, I love you.

It’s a two sided brush, with a dense, slightly rounded side for contouring on one side and then a slanted side with more loosely packed bristles for blending or blush on the other.  It has a bamboo center, which is a sustainable resource.  I have washed it many times now and it does not shed.

tarte-the-slenderizer-bamboo-contouring-brush-review-demo.jpeg tarte-the-slenderizer-bamboo-contouring-brush-review-demo.jpeg tarte-the-slenderizer-bamboo-contouring-brush-review-demo.jpeg

I have only had one other Tarte brush before, a double sided eye makeup brush that I love and keep in my travel bag.  I should have realized Tarte’s face brushes would be just as amazing.  The bristles are incredibly soft and so perfectly packed.  The smaller, rounded edge side gives the most beautiful, precise-but-soft lines for that cheek line contour.  The blending side blends the powder so well – the edges are invisible and the powder is diffused but not gone on the skin.

The contouring side picks up just the right amount of powder.  The major problem I was having before with whatever brushes I was using was that I never felt like they picked up enough powder so I was reapplying and getting a slightly muddy result.  Or they were picking up way too much powder and I ended up with obvious contouring lines.  This brush picks up the exact, perfect amount of powder.  It’s the brush equivalent of having a best friend that says “I think two drinks is perfect for you tonight” when you’re trying to order another round of shots.  Good looking out.

This brush has become my everyday, go-to brush.  I can not even imagine trying to do my makeup without it anymore.  I really can’t.  The only pain is that I have to store it flat, instead of in the round cup with my other brushes.  But having two brushes on one brush saves space overall, so I still wouldn’t change anything about it.

It’s rare that a product comes along that becomes a Holy Grail so quickly for me, but this brush is the H.G. of contouring brushes.  It works perfectly, doesn’t shed, is so soft, is sustainably made, is affordable, and you get two brushes for the price of one.  It working perfectly was all I needed, but everything else is icing on the contouring cake.  I can not recommend it highly enough.


Applied contour powder with the smaller side, about to blend with the larger, slanted end.
Applied contour powder with the smaller side, about to blend with the larger, slanted end.
Side note: I clipped my weave in for these pics and I can not tell you how good it felt to get glam. It's been a bazillion degrees so these extensions were happy to get out of the drawer and party!
Side note: I clipped my weave in for these pics and I can not tell you how good it felt to get glam. It’s been a bazillion degrees here, but cooler today, so these extensions were happy to finally get out of the drawer and party!

Shop the Post:  Tarte “The Slenderizing Bamboo Contouring” Brush

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  1. The rounder end is it completely white at the tip or does it have some brown in it? I ordered one on eBay claiming to be new and unused but since the tip is brown, I suspected that the person did not even bother to clean it.

  2. […] The Slenderizer Bamboo Contouring Brush.  This has become one of my all time favorite, MUST HAVE brushes.  It’s so soft, perfectly packed bristles deliver the perfect amount of contouring powder and then the large side blends like a dream.  Full review on this game changer {HERE.} […]

  3. I love it the large slanted end as a foundation brush. I bought Katvond Lock it foundation, and I tried the Tarte Bamboo airbrush foundation brush, a beauty blender, Sonia Kushek flat top buffer, sigma e40… NOTHING WORKED. It is very thick, so everything made it just look heavy and thick well, I use a tiny amount and use the slenderizer and kinda tap it on like you would with a beauty blender and the. Buff it out. I only end using one pump and it’s gorgeous. It dries to a powder matte finish and the coverage is beautiful but not heavy. It’s amazing, I love it as a contour brush, but they came out with a set for qvc back around Christmas. And it came with a slanted contour brush but the bristles have a slant to them it’s absolutely perfect for getting that perfect contour. It was a amazing deal, I got their bamboo airbrush foundation brush, Duo Fiber Brush, Contour Brush, concealer brush, and 2 sides eyeshadow brush for ….get this $48 dollars. Isn’t that insane???! That foundation brush alone retails for 38, it was one of the best deals and I use every brush, they are my face brushes I love everyone of them. I’m not a huge fan of their makeup, I’m more into bright colors and fun stuff like sugar pill, limecrime, urban decay, but Tarte makes insane brushes.

    • Thank you!! I was feeling so gross from the heat so last night I fake tanned it up, haha! Get the brush tonight, the 30% sale is on until 9pm!