Benefit “Gimme Brow” Brow Gel Review

by Molly Gardner

A couple of weeks ago, while makeup browsing (my safe place), I came across Benefit’s new brow gel “Gimme Brow.”  Intrigued?  Yes, yes I was.

Gimme Brow

I purchased Gimme Brow in Light/Medium for $22.  Described by Benefit as a “brow-volumizing fibergel,” it is essentially a mascara for your eyebrows.  Mascaras add fiber to your lashes, making them longer and fuller looking.  The fibers in Gimme Brow add volume, and the formula adds a nice tint.  The fiber building is what makes Gimme Brow different from a regular brow gel.

gimme brow Gimme Brow

First impression:

This comes out of the box and looks sort of like a travel size mascara tube.  It’s about the size I expected, but might seem teeny to you if you are expecting to be more like a full size mascara size.  The packaging is great, Benefit knows how to have fun with their products.










1.  Gimme Brow goes on quickly.  It takes about 5 seconds each side, and that is going slowly and carefully.  I love how quick it is.

2.  The color wasn’t overpowering.  Light/medium seemed to blend in with my brows really well.

3.  The formula adds volume.  My brows definitely looked fuller.

4.  Looks very natural in person, no brow pencil lines or streaks.


1.  Doesn’t show up well in photos.  This is not for brides, headshots, or your family Christmas card, you Glam Diva.

2.  Clings to every hair.  So if you haven’t tweezed or waxed in a while and put this gel on quickly, it grabs onto the hairs below your eyebrows and can look a little messy.

3.  Doesn’t cling where there are bald patches.  Yep, I’m guilty of over-tweezing.  Remember Pamela Anderson’s eyebrows in the 90’s?  So do my eyebrows.  They are still growing back in some places from years of tweezing my brows so thin.  Gimme Brow only clings to hairs that are there, so I had some obvious bald patches I still had to fill in with a pencil.

4.  I think it’s slightly overpriced.  $22 for brow gel is definitely on the steeper side.  I do think a tube should last almost a year though, considering you only need a small amount each time you use it.

Tip for application:

– Apply lightly, or it can make your eyebrows feel stiff.  Going back to that “this is essentially a mascara for your eyebrows” thing.  Start lightly and build or if will feel funny/slightly stiff when you move your face.

Plea to Benefit:

-Please come out with a shade for redheads!  We need that Eyebrow Swag Life too, even if you are a fakey-fakey redhead like me. 🙂

Bottom Line:

I love Gimme Brow for everyday wear.  It looks so natural in person, but really builds up your brows.  For photos, I’ll probably continue to use a pencil, but Gimme Brow is my JAM for every day wear.  So glad I tried this product, and would definitely repurchase.

Eyebrow Swag Life

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