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My friend Candace,, came to visit me and we hit up a very fun party thrown at Blushington, the makeup studio.  It was hosted by Blushington, Allure Magazine, and Chandon Champagne.

Makeup, Champagne, and Friendship are three of my most favorite things.  I did some product testing for Allure magazine’s Best Of Products issue last year and was excited to be invited!


I have arrived (to the party)!

I have arrived (to the party)!

Candace and I arrived at Blushington, which is a gorgeous makeup studio on Sunset Blvd.  You can have your makeup done there for your wedding, headshots, night out, etc. for $40.  That’s insane.  The studio is beautiful, lots of peach, pinks, and cream, with a silver mirrored reception area.

Makeup Wall + Champagne = weak knees.

Makeup Wall + Champagne = weak knees.

Love this shade of pink!

Love this shade of pink!

We checked in and got our number/tickets for touch ups.  We came with our makeup fully done, and they were going to touch up eyes and lips.  We grabbed a glass of champagne and sat down to take everything in.  1:  Chandon is delicious.  I had not tried it before and it will now be a go-to gift for a hostess or house warming or Friday night at home.  I love a glass of champagne at home.

Got my draank in my cup.

Got my draank in my cup.

There was a photographer from Allure taking some party shots, I bet they look beautiful.  Blushington would be a photographer’s dream.  Candace and I took a few photos and then I did my touch ups first.

The look of the night was a glittery eye.

The "Look of The Night."

The “Look of The Night.”

Glitter eye makeup on Candace...So beautiful!!!  I've never seen glitter so dense like that.

Glitter eye makeup on Candace…So beautiful!!! I’ve never seen glitter so dense like that.

Sitting Pretty!

Sitting Pretty!

However, I had already done a matte chocolate brown smokey eye, so I thought the glitter might look weird over that.  We decided to enhance the smokey eye that I had already done instead.  I asked my makeup artist to do whatever she thought would look best. …

It makes me heart flutter to even think about what she did next.  She picked the most gorgeous plum shadow and turned the eye into a knock out deep plum smoked out eye.  Candace can be my witness that I did not want to wash my face.  I kept that eye makeup on until 2 am before sadly washing my face.

plum smokey eyeplum smokey eye

Candace and I left with amazing gift bags.  They had the latest copy of Allure, Jouer lipgloss in “Tender” a pretty peach, Kevyn Aucoin The Matte Lip Color in “Timeless” a bold orange red, a Formula X for Sephora nail polish in “Sparklebomb” which is glittery and gold and looks like a glass of champagne on your nails, and a $20 gift card for a service at Blushington.  We had so much fun and I will definitely be back to Blushington!!

allure blushington chandon party

2am.  One more pic before I (so sadly) took the makeup off!!!

2am. One more pic before I (so sadly) took the makeup off!!!

More photos in the gallery below…

Thank you for reading and Stay Glam!

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  • Candace
    December 20, 2013

    You are the cutest!! That night was SO fun.
    Xoxo Candace

      January 1, 2014


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