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How to do Beach Waves

Oh heeey, so it’s Monday and you got yourself a job and you can’t go to the beach but you want some beach waves in your hair?  I feel you.  This is a really quick way to do beach waves and you can use your regular hair products.  …Although, I am a hoarder of salt sprays.  I still have 5 bottles of the John Frieda Ocean Hair Sea Salt Spray in my beauty closet…remember those??  And I guard them like a rabid dog.  I like how easy sea salt sprays are, but they do leave my hair slightly too crunchy/tacky for me to use everyday.  I like hair that you can run your hands through.

I use Aveeno volumizing foam at my roots, Living Proof Full cream throughout my hair, followed by Argan Oil concentrated on the ends.  I’m using Pureology oil right now and have loved Moroccan Oil before.  I put all three on while my hair is still damp.  I also lightly mist a heat protectant on my dry hair before I heat style.  Fell free to run one or two pumps of sea salt spray through your hair if you really need the volume boost, just be careful not to go overboard so you don’t get that crunchy feel.  I don’t like to have more than three products in my hair at once, because they can weigh your hair down.  So go very light with all the products.  You can always add more later.

Click below on “beach waves tutorial” for the video.

Beach Waves Tutorial

Start on completely dry hair.  I use a 1″ tapered Hot Tools curling iron on the medium-low heat setting.  The curls will seem tight at first, but because we aren’t clipping them up to cool, they will really loosen up over the day.  I curl my hair in 1″ sections.

Step 1:  To start, because I have wavy/curly hair, I flat iron the bottom three inches of my hair.  If you have straight hair you can skip this step.

Flat iron the bottom 3 inches

Smooth ends

Step 2:  Starting 3 and a half to four inches from the ends of your hair, place the curling iron right above where you flat ironed, but not on it, you don’t want to put too much heat on the same pieces of your hair.  Curl your hair AWAY from your face.  So when you are placing the curling iron, the clamp should be in the front.  I go up to about five or six inches away from my roots.  Hold the curl for twelve seconds max.  Repeat in 1″ sections all over your head.

download-2 download-1 download-18


Step 3:  Flat iron your front pieces of hair with a 1/2″ flat iron, so that the hair around your face is smooth.  Then curl the middle of the pieces slightly, so that it blends with the curled hair, but isn’t too curly around your face.  Keeping the front pieces slightly straighter makes your face look slimmer, but you have to give it some curl to blend it with the rest of you hair so it looks natural.

Step 4:  Scrunch the roots a little, to rough up the texture, and run one drop of argan oil through the bottom of your hair.  Make sure to avoid your roots with the oil.

That’s it!  Easy, right?  This only takes me about 15 minutes if I don’t dilly-dally, which is amazing considering I have a ton of hair.  I hope you love it and it works for you!  Remember, the curls will drop and get looser as the day goes on, which will blend beautifully with the flat iron ends and front pieces/bangs.  It’ll look like natural, straight-from-the-beach hair.

This is right after curling my hair, before they have had time to loosen:

download-14 download-15After the curls loosened up:

download-7 download-10 download-8 download-12

These are the real deal beach waves, straight from a day at the Santa Monica beach:

Real Beach Waves

VS: My “Beach Waves” from a curling iron.  Not too shabby considering I got nowhere near a beach, right?


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.