Extreme Couponing Made Easy.

by Molly Gardner

Have you guys seen the show Extreme Couponing on TLC?  It’s a very amazing show that makes my jaw drop on the regular for a number of reasons.  These extreme coupon users will go into a grocery store and get hundreds of dollars worth of stuff for free or almost free by combining sales and coupons.  It seriously blows my mind, because I love sales and I rarely pay full price, so I feel a slight kindred spirit.

But it also takes these lovely coupon divas about 20 hours a week (they say) to figure out all their sales and coupons.  Which makes me think, wouldn’t a part time job make them more than what they end up saving?  But a lot of them are moms and have other stuff going on that wouldn’t make a part time job doable, which I get, and I swear some of them just do it for the thrill.  I also get that.

Which brings me to my point.  I was sent a very lovely swag box (HELLO, BLOGGER PERKS) from an app called Shopular.  They compile a list of all the sales going on for that week.

Shopular emailed me and asked me if they could send me a Black Friday survival kit.  Which is awesome and I’m so appreciative when people send me stuff.  Buuuut I always check out the products/company first to make sure they’re something I’d use or what I think you guys would use.  Because I feel like it’s kind of rude to accept something knowing I probably won’t use it.  Aaaand I only blog about things I actually do really like.

So if you are like me and get a zillion emails in your inbox from stores a week, the Shopular phone app is an amazing way to check out all the sales without getting 20-30 emails a week.  Actually probably closer to 70.  I just realized.  10 a day x 7 days.  My mind is kind of getting blown right now.  That’s a lot of emails.

Ok, so at any rate, my two favorite emails from stores that I always read (I know, I’m weird) are Ulta and CVS.  They send out my favorite coupons.  CVS regularly sends out 25%-30% off your whole purchase, so I end up getting my Burt’s Bees products there, because Burt’s Bees never goes on sale normally.  CVS emails are my equivalent to a fresh J. Crew catalogue.

The way the Shopular app works is:

1:  You download it from the app store.

2:  Load your favorite stores onto your profile.

3:  You can set it up so it sends you push notifications (where a message pops up on your phone) on new sales.  But I hate push notifications for some reason (I might have control issues), so I just check it once or twice a week.

4:  You see all the sales and codes in one spot.

Shopping essentials: dolla-dolla-bills and the Shopular app.

Shopping essentials: dolla-dolla-bills and the Shopular app.

I love it, because it’s all valid codes.  It’s super annoying to get to a check out and realize your online code expired.  Again, I hate paying full price.  I’ve been using the app for about 2 weeks and no glitches, another huge plus.

Also, you can use it in stores by turning the GPS on in the app, and it will give you coupons to use at the register.  I rarely shop in stores anymore, LAZY, but it seems like a good idea.  I think the reason more people are shopping online is because the prices always seem to be lower.  Well, and all the lipsticks are fresh and not tested (huge drugstore pet peeve, but I digress.)

So my two cents is: it is definitely an app worth downloading.

Let’s check out what came in my survival box, for relaxing at home after the Black Friday sales and Cyber Monday ordering!

1.  Simbihaiti hair ties: a portion of each sale goes towards helping install water filtration systems in Haiti.  “Simbi” is a water spirit in Haiti.  I love this style hair tie, because it doesn’t put a ponytail dent on your hair.

2.  Foot petals: I’ve been wanting to try this brand for a long time.  I switched over to kitten heels (2″ and below) this year but have one or two pair of high, high heels that I love and can. not. get. rid. of.  So these will be going in a pair.

3.  Dearfoams: These are super squishy, cozy slippers.  I have a term in my house called “comfies” and it involves wearing my most comfortable lounge wear the second I walk in my home.  It takes me about 30 seconds to go from a fancy dress to comfies zone.  These have been added to the comfies list for winter.  L.A. winters aren’t freezing like they are in Upstate NY, where I’m from, but some nights it does get cold.  So these slippers are the perfect amount of cozy for cooler L.A. nights.  I think this pair might be a good gift for my mom or grandma.

4.  Crazy Rumors lipbalm… vegan + organic lip balm.  I’m want to try their tinted lip balms next!

5.  Vermints… these are free of gluten, GMOs and nuts.  They are organic and kosher. Umm, is it embarrassing to admit that I didn’t realize how much junk was in traditional breath mints?  Promo code for 25% off through 12/31/14: A07MGX0M1D6B for these all natural mints.


6.  Quest nutrition bars… My friend Maddy swears that these don’t melt in your purse or gym bag.

The above three are things I always have in my purse.  I hate having chapped lips, bad breath, or the “hangries”… hungry + grumpy= hangry.  So I will definitely be throwing these in my purse.  If you are going to brave the mall on Black Friday, have these on you, and add nail clippers to this kit (I always get snagged nails while I’m out shopping) and I swear you will be a happier human.

7.  Cosmetic Boulevard Coffee Scrub:  I’m so excited to try this!  I’ve been saving it so I could get a good pic of it, HELLO, GLITTER CLOSURE, so that doesn’t look like my little bear paws ripped through the bag.  I love scrubs and anything all natural, I am all-for!

best-new-couponing-coupon-code-app-shopular.jpeg best-new-couponing-coupon-code-app-shopular.jpeg best-new-couponing-coupon-code-app-shopular.jpeg

Shopular is also online at www.shopular.com if you want to check in on your computer for deals!

Thank you for reading!  Please share this post on Facebook and Pinterest or with any shopaholic friends.  What sales are you going to hit up this year?  Are you a Black Friday or Cyber Monday shopper?  Let me know below!

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Shawn November 20, 2014 - 7:19 am

Omg I’m never getting over how many times I’ve paid full price at CVS.

Girl Get Glamorous November 20, 2014 - 7:25 am

I live for their 30% coupons. Also, Ulta has “21 days of Beauty” events and shampoo/conditioner $15.99 events that I feel like it might be my life mission to tell people about – haha!

Shawn November 20, 2014 - 9:46 pm

Will Shopular tell me about those as well?

Girl Get Glamorous November 21, 2014 - 3:22 am

I think so! I’ve been using it for about 2-3 weeks. I check it before I check out when I online shop and I check it once or twice a week just to see what the sales are. So far, it looks like the emails I get, just all on the same page. The Ulta 21 days of Beauty already ended for this season, but it keeps me updated on all their coupons (like the $3.50 off $10). You can “flip” through all the weekly store (CVS, Target, etc) ads too. It has a separate tab for Black Friday right now, and updates them as the stores release their deals.


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