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Confession:  I love all things miniature sized.  Teeny-tiny sled ornament that looks like a real sled?  Breathtaking.  As a child, holding a tiny Barbie shoe in my fat little child hand?  My brain couldn’t handle it.  Could.  Not.  Handle.  It.  There are things in this world too beautiful to use words to describe.  For me, some of those things are miniatures.

So, for me, packing my skin care travel bag is not an annoying thing that must be done.  Rather, it is me, as an adult, playing with my “toys”.  Oh yeah, did I forget to mention(?!), I have a whole drawer full of travel size products that I stock up on year round and then when it’s time to travel I carefully go through and pick out which products I’ll be bringing with me.  That drawer is my version of having 17 cats.

I used to buy empty small travel containers and make my own, but companies have really stepped up their game on their travel or “deluxe sample” sizes.  I also try to only carry-on for my suitcase (haven’t check a bag in 13 years), so everything has to fit!

Here are my favorites:

1:  Moisturizer – Perricone MD Face Finishing Moisturizer – $10, .5 oz size

This moisturizer is velvety smooth and very rich.  Which is amazing for my dry, dry skin.  The smell sometimes gets to me, I would prefer if it was unscented, but for a week it’s fine.  You wake up to smoother looking skin and it helps diminish fine lines.

perricone mini

2:  Deodorant – LAVANILA The Healthy Deodorant – $8

This stuff is the best and the company coming with a travel size is GENIUS.  Four swipes under each arm and you are fresh smelling and feeling all day.  The vanilla scent is light and just blends in with your skin so that you smell “warm” instead of perfumey.

LAVANILA Deodorant

3.  Self Tanner – Tan Towel To Go – $15 for 4 applications, I bring 1.

Do I bring self tanner with me every trip?  Heck no, I’m lazy.  But if I know I’m going to have to look nice for photos or events, I force my lazy self to bring this with me and spend 2 minutes (that’s how quick these go on and how lazy I am on vacations) and you wake up with a glow, not a crazy fake tan.

4.  Treatment – Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel Extra Strength Formula – $15 for 5 pad sets, I bring 1.

This is a great peel to do if your skin is looking a little rough from traveling.  It brightens your complexion and makes your skin look fresher, with no redness or irritation for me, and I have pretty dry skin with some sensitivity.  It’s great to do the night you get in, so that you look fresh for the rest of your trip.


5.  Baby wash.  $1 at drugstores.

I love using baby wash as my whole body wash, because generally its not very drying.  The travel size is usually enough to get me through a week long trip.

6. Lip Balm and Everything/Everywhere – Aquaphor Healing Ointment – Double Tube pack $6

Lip balm, cuticle cream, under eye cream in a pinch, around your nose when you’ve been blowing your nose too much, Aquaphor does everything, all the time.  It’s the best and it’s knows it.  They made this travel two pack and I always have one tube on me.

The rest of my travel bag consists of samples.  When I buy makeup, skincare, etc.  whenever the salesperson asks if I want samples and say YES DEAR HEAVENS YES and have accrued an amount that would give a hoarder the jealousy sweats.

My version of having 17 cats.

My version of having 17 cats.

Any travel favorites your love?  Comment below, I love trying new products!

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