This Will Make Your Life 10x Easier.

This trick made my life a zillion times easier and I hope it does for you too.

The next time you go to take off your nail polish or eye makeup with a cotton pad and remover, hold the pad lightly on the area you are trying to remove.  Don’t move it or rub it, just hold it gently in place.  After ten or fifteen seconds, your product will slide off.

How?  MAGIC.

Just kidding.  By holding the polish remover or makeup cleanser in place, you are allowing it to sink in and dissolve the base that is holding the product onto your skin or nails.  This lets your eyeshadow, eyeliner, nail polish, whatever, slide off easily, instead of the normal back forth swiping/tugging/praying I would do before.  Even waterproof makeup or glitter nail polish.  Just give them an extra few seconds.  You’ll feel the makeup start to loosen, then just gently slide (polish) or dab (makeup) it off!

Viola, life.  Just easier.


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