This Top Coat Blew My Mind + is Only $6.


I was walking down the polish aisle at the drugstore about a month ago and for some reason this top coat, which I had passed a million times before, jumped out at me.  The bottle glowed in my eyes, I swear.  I felt like I had to try it.

I love drugstore makeup because it’s so much easier for me to make and justify an impulse buy.  I was actually stocking up on Sinful Colors polish (which is one of my favorite formulas and are only $2 each).  This top coat from Revlon is $6.  It’s called the Quick Dry Top Coat from Revlon.

Here is what I love about it.

1.  Yes, it did dry my polish quickly and faster than other top coats.

2.  Here’s where this top coat really stood out for me:  My nails lasted an entire week without chipping.  I am being serious, it took 7 full days to get one little chip on one nail.

3.  The ingredients didn’t dry out the skin around my cuticles like a lot of other top coats do.

Here is my normal polish order:  Sinful Colors base coat, then polish from Sinful Colors, Essie, or Deborah Lippmann.  Then I’d rotate between top coats because I hadn’t really found one that I totally loved.  Now, I only reach for the Revlon Quick Dry.

This Revlon top coat comes in the most basic looking bottle ever.  To be honest, I feel like I passed over it before because it looked kind of old-fashioned.  I kept trying newer formulas, thinking they’d have better technology (yes, I actually have those thoughts, ha!), but not loving them.  I wish that Revlon would either revamp the bottle or do a new marketing campaign to let people know about this top coat, because it’s awesome.

My cuticles look super healthy, the manicures last a full week, and my nails have even grown stronger and longer since I started using it.

I love it with my three most used polish formulas, oddly enough the only polish I didn’t love it with was the Revlon basic polish.  Kind of funny, right?  But with the other formulas it has been so solid.

So if you are on the hunt for great nails and a lasting mani, definitely pick up a bottle of this stuff.  I love how affordable it is too.  I feel like I have purchased salads that are more expensive.

revlon-quick-dry-best-top-coat-fast-prevent-no-chipping-buy-online-beauty-blog-blogger-review-demo-nails-drusgtore-polish-los-angeles.jpegThis polish color is “Fashion” from Deborah Lippmann, with the Revlon top coat over it.

I hope this review helps!  I love finding products that actually work and I also love being able to share them with you.  Please feel free to keep the sharing going – post this to Facebook or pin any of the photos to Pinterest.

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