The Most Universally Flattering Eyeshadow Shade Is…


In the Olympics, the bronze medal means 3rd.  Which is great, but not 1st place.  But in makeup…

It’s a winner!  Winner winner chicken dinner.

As a redhead, I always noticed my makeup looked the best when I was using this one particular bronze shadow.  So I (QUITE generously, I think, ha) put it in my makeup artist kit, thinking it might work on a few clients.  To my surprise, it looked good on everyone.  I’m talking every. single. skin. tone. from lightest to deepest AND every eye color across the board.  I felt like it was the eyeshadow version of those jeans from The Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants.

The bronze shade I use is called “Tempting” from MAC.  I’m not a huge MAC girl in the way some people are up to date on every shade and product available, so this was such a lucky find.  I got this shadow in a gift bag years ago.  This eyeshadow has amazing pigment, is creamy (not powdery) and lasts.  You don’t have to use this exact shade, it’s just my personal fav.  It was discontinued in 2012 and brought back recently.  (Sometimes, I know too much.)  The best part?  The pan refill, that you can pop into your z-palette, is only $10 in MAC pro stores. (Update, MAC just dropped the price of their refill shadows to $6!)  If you want it in the case it’s $16 and worth every penny.

It amazing how the bronze color makes everyone’s eyes sparkle.  It gives them that mesmerizing look, where you don’t want to stop looking at them but also you understand to be normal you do have to break eye contact at some point.

The best part?  To me this shade is the ultimate enhancer.  I think makeup should bring out your features, not mask them.  This shade brings out everyone’s eyes, which are such a beautiful feature to enhance.  In photos, it’s soft enough to disappear and not look like heavy makeup, but again, gives your eyes that sparkle.

I (mostly) use it these two ways:

1.  To make eyes sparkle:  I use brown or black eyeliner in the waterline {post} and then using a thin pencil shadow brush, I push this shadow gently right under the liner, on the underside of the lashes, then smudge it out lightly.  I got over the edges with a shade close to the person’s skin tone, to soften the line.  I do this when I’ve used neutral shades on the top lid.  See this look {here} in Carly’s After Paradise look.

2.  As a subtle smokey eye:  I use this all over the top lid, right up to the crease.  I use a neutral, matte taupe in the crease line (for me, that’s Kjaer Weis in Grace). Then I’ll smudge a bit more in the corners of my eyes, to deepen them.  I’ll go underneath my eye with the bronze, then buff out the edges with a neutral skin tone shade.  You can see this look below.

mac-tempting-best-top-most-universally-flattering-eyeshadow-shade-blondes-brunettes-redheads-blue-green-brown-eyes-beauty-blog-blogger-los-angeles.jpeg mac-tempting-best-top-most-universally-flattering-eyeshadow-shade-blondes-brunettes-redheads-blue-green-brown-eyes-beauty-blog-blogger-los-angeles.jpeg mac-tempting-best-top-most-universally-flattering-eyeshadow-shade-blondes-brunettes-redheads-blue-green-brown-eyes-beauty-blog-blogger-los-angeles.jpeg

Thank you for reading!  What is your go-to eye shadow shade or palette?  I’d love to know.  MAC Tempting was such a lucky find for me.

You can find it online {here} at Nordtrom, they offer free shipping with no minimum!

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Toodle-loo, beauties!



  • Laura
    September 30, 2015

    Bronze is nearly perfect for me with my red hair & green eyes……I also use (on your tip) another
    MAC shadow (also discontinued, I was LUCKY to find it on EBay) Smoke & Diamonds, just a luscious
    sparkly grey-green. I also use a ruby/maroon shadow which just makes my green eyes POP! It’s a bit
    hard to find but I read that this color is IN for fall, so it should be ‘findable’…….Thanks for listening, Molly,
    you’re a doll!

    • Girl Get Glamorous
      October 1, 2015

      I totally hoard that Diamonds shade!!! And I hoarded this shade as well until they brought it back. I’m really glad the tips worked for you, we have similar coloring!

  • Nicki Olinde
    October 1, 2015

    Mesmerized by Makeup Geek, it’s a fab foiled shadow!

    • Girl Get Glamorous
      October 1, 2015

      I just looked it up, that shade is GORGEOUS!!

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