Styling The Lob: Straight

It was so interesting to me how cutting just five inches off my hair made such a big difference when it came to styling it!  I’m not gonna lie, I feel like it took me a month of trial and error just to get a few looks I was okay with.  Then something clicked and I realized that styling shorter hair really depended on me getting a ton of volume at the roots.  It made all the difference between me feeling ho-hum and me feeling all “hey, boys, heeeey.”

The key move with the flat iron is to bring it through your hair in a letter “C” shape.  This will give your hair extra volume at the roots, which balances out the bottom, so you get even straight hair and not bottom heavy hair.

I always prep my hair before I heat style with a heat protectant spray.  My favorite that I’ve found is the ghd Heat Protect.  I’m also using a ghd flat iron because I’m a ghd addict.  But seriously, I feel like their products do less damage and protect my hair better than any others that I’ve tried.

How I Flat Iron My Hair:

1:  Put a small piece of hair no larger than the width of the iron (1″ etc) between the iron plates.  Pull the hair diagonally up, then around in a round “C” shape.

2:  Run the flat iron over the ends again, if needed, to make them super smooth.  Put a little bend in them with that “C” shape.  It will fall out and end up straight, but without having that “I used a flat iron look”.  It will just end up looking naturally straight.

3.  Repeat all over until you get to the front of your hair.  I make sure I pull those pieces extra straight up, instead of just diagonal, to give them extra volume and then pull them forward in the “C” shape so they frame my face nicely.

4.  Sometimes I feel like the back of my hair and especially the crown can be difficult to get straight (I have very wavy, course hair).  So I style it by “overdirecting” the hair.  I pull the hair at the crown straight forward, in the opposite direction that I want it to fall.  The video should really help explain this if it sounds confusing.

5.  When I’m all finished, I part my hair in the middle and run the iron over the ends one more time, to get them extra smooth and all flowing together.

6.  I finish my hair with a little bit of hair spray, sprayed in horizontal layers throughout my hair, to set the style and give it extra lift.  Then I add a drop of oil to the ends (an apology to my hair for so much heat styling) and rub whatever is left over the top and front pieces of my hair.

Here is the video, I tried to keep it short and sweet and cut right to the technique:



Sephora has a special set with the flat iron I’m using and a free ghd paddle brush (worth $55!), you can find it {here}.  That paddle brush is made of gypsy magic and feels amazing on your head.

I hope this helps and works for you as well!  Let me know if you try it.  Thank you for reading and sharing!  You can find me on Instagram at: @girlgetglamorous


  • Emilia
    July 21, 2015

    I have naturally curly hair and I also try to style them with iron into this C shape – absolutely straight and flat hair look strange and unnatural with my face shape. Good video, not too much babble. I love this hair length – not too long and difficult to style and care, but easy to find some various updo`s, style loose curls ect.

    • Girl Get Glamorous
      July 27, 2015

      Glad this technique worked for you!!

  • Nic UK
    July 27, 2015

    Hi Molly and thank you so much for your amazing tips! I just discovered your blog 2 weeks ago and it already helped me so much. 🙂 Loving this tip, I have very wavey fizzy strawberry hair and flat iron makes it so well… flat haha. With this tutorial my hair look a lot better and plump! Thanks a lot <3

    • Girl Get Glamorous
      July 27, 2015

      Thank you, I’m so happy to hear all that!! So glad you found the blog and that this tutorial helped you. It totally changed how my hair looks too 🙂

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