Sephora’s “Meet Your Match” Makeup Set: Review & Swatch Party & An Argument for Hoarding

If you are a little makeup hoarder like me ( I prefer to call mine MY COLLECTION to make it sound less…hoarder) then let me introduce you to your new best friend.  The deluxe mini.  The travel size.

Now for products you use everyday, no no no.   A mini will be used up too fast and Mother Earth doesn’t love that.  Get a jumbo size and recycle that bottle my loves.  But for products like lipstick, nail polish, blush, etc. where you change the colors and product you use everyday, a deluxe mini is your new best friend.  A very affordable way to hoard.

Sephora’s new spring makeup set, “Meet Your Match” is a little dream set.  It contains six deluxe sized products in three of spring’s Hot. Trendy.  Colors.  Say What?  Yep, three nail polish colors and three lipstick or gloss shades.  It’s $25, with a retail value of $52.  Meaning the actual value of the amount of product they’ve given you is $52.  Also, the box is so cute I can not bring myself to get rid of it.  This is how hoarders talk.


Included in this set:

1.  The first set is in Radiant Orchid, which if you follow me on Instagram (girlgetglamorous) you know I’ve basically lost my mind for this year.  I’m freaking out about this color.  It’s gorgeous on everyone.  Seriously, it gives every face this contoured, flushed, “yeah, I’m outdoorsy” glow.  But, it IS one of those shades that looks terrifying in the container.  Like, purple-on-my-face??? scary.  So I think this set is the perfect way to test the waters.  The nail polish is from Nails, Inc. and called “Devonshire Row.”  The lip gloss (smart move doing a gloss on this shade!) is from Bite Beauty and comes out pretty sheer.  This shade is exclusive to this set.  Side Note, I am now addicted to Nails, Inc. polishes.  Amazing quality and durability!

Names are: Bite Beauty Lush Fruit Lip Gloss in Strangefruit, .05 oz & Nails, Inc. Devonshire Row Nail Polish, .13oz


2.  The second set is nudes.  Not those kind, ya pervs!  The lip gloss is from Hourglass, a brand I’m slowly becoming more and more obsessed with.  I say slowly because, Dollars.  It’s a fancy brand with some fancy prices.  So, be still, my fast beating heart.  This lip gloss comes out the perfect nude shade.  Enough to have a slightly nude effect, great with a smokey eye, but not so much that it washes me out.  And I’m very fair skinned, so this is a big accomplishment!  I had no idea that Hourglass lip glosses are so hydrating.   This gloss feels amazing on and keeps my lips moisturized.  It is also the perfect size to put in a bag for a night out.  ON THE TOWN.  Which I need.  Don’t cry, Couch, I’ll be back into your arms soon.  The nail polish is from Sephora’s own “X” brand and is an opaque nude with a hint of peach.  Another home run in the nude department!  The hint of peach gives it a mod look and gives your skin some color, instead of washing it out.  My first coat was kind of streaky, I realized you can’t try and do the layers super thin like normal polish with this opaque formula.  Just do two coats, with whatever comes out on the brush (allowing the coats to dry in between).  But don’t freak out when the first coat looks streaky, the second comes along and they will look beautiful and you’ll feel like you should be buttoning up some go-go boots with these Mod fingers!

Names are: Hourglass Cosmetics Extreme Sheen High Shine Lip Gloss in Child, .03oz & Sephora Formula X Nail Color in Invincible, .17oz

sephora-meet-your-match-hourglass-lip-gloss-child-swatch.jpeg sephora-meet-your-match-hourglass-lip-gloss-child-swatch.jpeg

3.  Coral.  Absolute bliss.  Coral is so pretty and nothing says “I’m ready to be warm all the time.  Come on Summer!” like coral.  Deborah Lippmann nail polishes are also one of my favs but super pricey ($18) so this was amazing to have included.  It comes out a gorgeous coral, with a hint of tomato red.  The formulas are so thin and buildable, they last forever without chipping.  Absolutely a favorite formula!!  The lip pencil in this set is from Tarte and looks coral in the tube but actually comes out a pretty pink with a hint of coral.  Tarte lip pencils are very rad, pigmented, light feeling, and all natural and in general The. Jam.  This shade, even though the color surprised me, has become a favorite.

Names are: Tarte Lipsurgence Lip Tint in Elite, .06 oz & Deborah Lippmann Nail Lacquer in Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, .27oz

Tarte in shade "Elite"

Tarte in shade “Elite”

Deborah Lippmann over Formula X.

Deborah Lippmann over Formula X.

Nails, Inc. over Formula X.

Nails, Inc. over Formula X.

sephora-meet-your-match-set-hourglass-tarte-nails-inc-bite-beauty-deborah-lippmann-formula-x-nail-polish-swatches.jpeg sephora-meet-your-match-set-hourglass-tarte-nails-inc-bite-beauty-deborah-lippmann-formula-x-nail-polish-swatches.jpeg

Overall, I think this set is a great value and an amazing way to try out three huge color trends for the cost of one full size item.  Each shade for lips and hands is wearable and great quality.  Not a single “meh” in the bunch!  This set is a total home run for me.  I think this would also make a terrific gift.  The brands are fancy enough to feel all “thumbs up” about and the box they come in is SO cute.  The sticker with the price peels off.  I’d love if Sephora did a set like this with color trends every season.

Shop this set {here}

Click {here} for the quick video showing all the colors!!

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  • Emily Louise Prest
    December 11, 2014

    What shade is the bite lip gloss? x

    • Girl Get Glamorous
      December 11, 2014

      It is called “Strangefruit” and is exclusive to the set. I forgot to add the name, thanks for catching that!! The set is available {here}

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