My Top Picks & 5 Tips to Shop the Sephora Sale


Yes, I said strategy.  I take sales very seriously.  Ha!

I love a good beauty sale.  This time of year is already the best time of year to buy your makeup…hello, Gift Sets.  Add to that Sephora’s annual 20% off everything sale, and I think you can agree with me, It’s Party Time.

The sale is for VIB members of the Sephora Loyalty program.  The code is VIB20 and you must be signed into your Sephora account to use it, Nov 13th-16th.

The pitfall with sales is that you can get so easily swept up and overspend.  This is where I come in with strategy.  Work this sale to your advantage, my friend, shop smart so you don’t get that sick “I spent too much money on the wrong things” feeling in your stomach.  Here’s my game plan…

How I shop the Sephora sale:

  1.  Stock up on sets.  As stated above, this time of year there are always tons of amazing value sets for makeup and skincare.  Taking an additional 20% off that can make the makeup as great or an even better deal than drugstore makeup.
  2.  Buy Sephora exclusives.  Kat Von D, Josie Maran, Ardency Inn, Bite Beauty are a few brands that are either exclusive to Sephora or hard to find elsewhere.  It’s rare that you’ll be able to get them in sale anywhere else.
  3.  Sephora Collection is Sephora’s in-house brand of makeup.  It used to be terrible, but in the past few years has stepped up it’s game and now the quality rivals many of the top brands.  They make a few products I can not live without and I do not say that lightly.  This is your once a year to replenish your Sephora brand makeup at a discount.
  4. Luxury items.  If you’ve been saving up for a ghd curling iron or Armani foundation, now is the time.  You are definitely not going to find Tom Ford perfume on sale anywhere else, so get your luxe items now.
  5.  Go through your makeup and assess where you are at with your staples, write out a list if needed to keep track.  If you feel like you might be out of your must-have Nars foundation in 3 months, get it now.  Other than products I’m about to run out of, I tend to focus on the four categories above.  But obviously if you need a staple product, add it to your cart, mon cherie.

My 11 Top Picks:

  1.  Sephora Superstars Value Set, $75.  This set is a $207 value.  My favorite thing about it is how wearable all the shades are in each product category.  It also includes a Tarte brush and a beauty blender.  Each would be $20-$35 on their own.  Both eyeliners are personal favorites and the highlighters and eye shadows look amazing.  I swatched them in store and they are beautiful.  Great deal and filled with products I would actually use.  The Tarte contouring brush has a small size handle, but full size bristles.  At $60 during the sale, it works out to $4.61 a product.  Try to find an authentic beauty blender for $4.61 anywhere else.  Seven of the thirteen products are full size.  I do have a feeling this might sell out quickly.
  2. Kevyn Aucoin The Book of Sculpting, $65.  Not only are Kevyn Aucoin products amazing quality (pigment and performance are insane) but this book has four FULL SIZE creams and powders.  Each of his contouring and highlighting products retail for $44 each.  You also get four full size eye shadow shades to contour and sculpt the eyes (crease shades, inner corner highlight, etc).  This is my top pick from the sale and what I will definitely be getting for myself.  $226 value, Limited Edition.
  3.  Josie Maran Highlighting Trio Set, $25.  Value of $44.  I have recently fallen hard for these highlighting products, full post to come.  But the stick is my new fav.  The products are very concentrated, so these smaller sizes should still last you a while and you can test your favorite texture or switch up textures between seasons.
  4. Ardency Inn Manuka Honey Eye Shadow Set, $29.  Value of $42.  I haven’t tried an Ardency Inn product that I haven’t liked yet.  The lipstick (Lovecat, fav shade) and this liner Trio set ($29, insane steal) all stay looking freshly applied for hours on end.  Which means you reapply way less often, which means that these products last forever and ever.  These eyeshadow shades are gorgeous and totally wearable.
  5.  Too Faced Melted French Kisses, $25.  Value of $40.  Melted Berry is one of my favorite lipstick shades of all time.  During the sale this set drops down to $20, or $5 per lipstick.  Hi.  That’s insane.  These shades would be pretty to combine as well.

I could go on and on with Value Set picks, I obviously love a deal on top of a deal.  You can check out the rest {here} to see if anything else stands out to you.  Value sets do tend to sell out quickly, so they are one area where I would not wait, if you think you want to shop this sale.

6.  Kat Von D eyeshadow palettes, Innerstellar and Shade + Light Eye, $46 each.  I have been wanting to try these palettes forever.  I saw a look on Instagram with the purple shades from the Innerstellar palette that blew my mind.  It was just the right purple tones to be classy and modern.  The pigment and staying power are supposed to be out of this world.  Pun unintended, but leaving it in.  I want to get the Shade + Light eye palette for my mua kit, because I think it would have beautiful neutral shades for all skin tones.

7.  Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt, $51.  I am SO curious about this new shampoo.  It comes in a tub and is a scrub texture.  It won the Allure Best of Beauty and only has glowing reviews.  It’s expensive, but I want to try it so badly.  Especially because my scalp has been extra sensitive to coloring lately.  I’m also wanting to try this redhead-friendly color refreshing mask.

8.  Sephora Collection Airbrush foundation, $28.  This stuff is amazing and gives you flawless skin.  It’s in my regular foundation rotation (a hard group to get into!)  It’s a quality foundation, at a price above drugstore, but below the mid-range price point.  It lasts all day, even without a setting spray.

9.  Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain, $14.  I love shades Always Red and Infinite Rose.  I also adore this formula.  It’s long wearing and transfer resistant, without giving that weird dry mouth look that some lip stains have.  I will also be adding the Blackberry shade to my cart.  Apparently, it’s a dupe for the hard-to-find Berry Me shade from Dose of Colors.

10.  ghd Products $20-$225.  Every ghd blow dryer, flat iron, curling iron, or brush that I have put through my hair has been some of the best quality that I have ever found.  If you heat style a lot, definitely invest in these.  They’ve cut my damage down so much.  They are truly a worthwhile investment. {post}

11.  Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation, $62.  This is one of my all-time FAVORITE foundations.  It just makes your skin look perfect, healthy, and fresh.  It lasts forever and is incredibly gentle on my skin.  I never get breakouts wearing it.  It feels light on and just has this glow that no other foundation has been able to replicate.  This formula is truly one-of-a-kind. {post}

There are so many other lines that are worthy of a mention, but I need to stop myself because I can go on and on.  Brands I love are: Becca, Tata Harper, Agave, Amazing Cosmetics, GlamGlow, Koh Gen Do, and Living Proof.

Which brings me to a really good point:  I prefer to shop online, because I can put things in my cart and then take a deep breath and think rationally.  As you can see, I can get very swept up in the moment, so online shopping has been good for me in actually sticking to a budget vs. being in the store.  Some people might do better in the store, so just know yourself and shopping habits.

I think my final picks will be, for my makeup artist kit: Kevyn Aucoin sculpting book and Sephora Superstars kit.  For my personal kit: Kevyn Aucoin again and Sephora Blackberry lipstain.

For anyone not on a budget, please tag me in your Instagram haul pics so I can live vicariously through you!!  I am a total weirdo who loves seeing other people’s products.

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Thank you for reading and I hope my sale strategy is successful for you too!



  • Mallory
    November 11, 2015

    Are the contouring shades in the book of sculpting good for fair skin?

    • Girl Get Glamorous
      November 13, 2015

      From what I remember, they are great for fair and light skin tones. I’m heading to Sephora early tomorrow and will swatch and let you know for sure by tomorrow afternoon! Xo Molly

    • Girl Get Glamorous
      November 15, 2015

      So I went back to Sephora and swatched this palette. I think the contour shades could work for fair skin, but honestly are slightly better suited for light and medium skin tones. The highlighters and eyeshadow shades could definitely work for fair skin. So if you were buying it mostly for the contour, the Maskcara lightest contour cream shade and Lorac light contour powder would be better. But overall, it’s still an amazing deal just for the 2 highlighters ($44 each normally) and 4 eyeshadows. Excited to get mine in the mail and play with it more! I hope my two cents here is helpful and not confusing! xo – Molly

  • Mallory
    November 21, 2015

    I ended up buying it and the contour shades are actually perfect! Need a light hand, but they’re the exact color of my shadows. Thanks for the great recommendation, I’m in love with the whole palette!

    • Girl Get Glamorous
      December 4, 2015

      So glad you got it and love it! I picked up one also, and am debating getting a second for my work kit. I was pleasantly surprised with how light, yet pigmented each layer is, it blends nicely for fair skin!!

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