Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner Gel Crayon Eyeliner: Review & Swatch of Blacquer Black

When I try a new makeup line and feel obsessed with it: this is what I look like.

Marc Jacobs Beauty came to Sephora and I was interested but tried to slow my roll on how excited I got.  “Manage my expectations” in corporate-talk.  I ordered the Gel Highliner in the deluxe sample size as a 100 point sample on my order.  The full size, .1 oz, retails for $25.  Side note:  I have used this deluxe sample 3-4 times a week for the past five months and it is still going strong.




Sleek and modern looking, the eyeliner is a silver and black combo with rounded edges.  The cap comes off easily, but feels secure when you put it back on.  I keep it in my makeup bag in my purse and the cap has stayed on.

The pencil twists up from the bottom when the eyeliner wears down.  It is really smooth and easy to twist up.



I ordered “Blacquer” which is a true black.  It’s really pigmented and rich looking.  One swipe is usually enough color, sometimes I have to do two.

I also love dark, chocolate brown eyeliner, but the “Ro,” cocoa shade is bronze with shimmer.  So, hopefully Marc Jacobs will come out with a brown shade that is matte soon.


Wear & Longevity:

The eye liner is billed as a “gel crayon.”  It has the pigmentation of a gel pot, but in an easy eyeliner package.  This liner glides on so smoothly.  The tip isn’t as thin as a liquid liner, so it’s better for tight lines around the eye, but not a precise cat eye. I love that it goes on without tugging on my skin.

Marc Jacobs says it is a water proof eyeliner.  I often wear eyeliner in my water line, the inner/lower eyelid.  It does last hours there, whereas most other liners seem to wear off within an hour.  On my upper lids it lasts all day and through workouts without budging.


Just liner.

Finished look.

Finished look.



I am super impressed with this eyeliner.  I will definitely be purchasing the full size version.  It lasts all day with budging or flaking.  The color is so rich.  Marc Jacobs did an excellent job with this eyeliner!

Marc-Jacobs-Beauty-Highliner-Gel-Crayon-Eyeliner-Blacquer.jpegThank you for reading.  Let me know if you’ve tried any of the other Marc Jacobs products below in the comments…

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  • Es
    September 3, 2014

    This was the first product I got from the Marc Jacobs Beauty line – and I loved it! I have the colors TH(INK) and BROWN(OUT).

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