Let’s Talk DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

Alright, alright, alright.  This is one of those times I feel like we need to get a little more in depth with a product.

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil, $28 for 6.7 oz, was a part of my favorites in skincare post.  You can read that post {here}.  I felt like this product deserved a whole post however, because it did a little thing called: change my entire skin for the better.



Yep, you read that right.  Changed my skin.  So let’s get right to the how, what, why…

They are a skincare company from JAPAN.  So fancy.  Which always reminds me of this scene with Regina George from Mean Girls.  In the US, they ship from San Fransisco and are a mail order company primarily.  Meaning, they don’t sell in many stores.  I only found one store that carries DHC in all of Los Angeles.  They include samples in their monthly catalogue.  I was introduced to this company because I started getting their catalogues in the mail, not sure how, but so happy I did!  The samples are both genius and terrifying, because I love almost all of their products, but I’m a baller on a budget, baby, so I stick with my favs from them!

The Cleansing Oil is their #1, worldwide best seller.  For a reason.  It removes all of your makeup while keep your skin moisturized and glowing.  Every trace of makeup comes off.  It also takes the junk out of your pores.  Very scientific language I’m using today.


I think a huge myth is that oil is bad for your skin.  For awhile it was oil-free errrrythang.  This year I’ve actually started to see a turn around on this train of thought.  Having refined oil like this cleanser on your skin signals to your skin to stop producing more oil.  So for oily skin this is a great cleanser.  I have had friends with oily skin who I have made buy this and it has changed their skin.  I have really dry skin, so I use this in the morning too to give my skin a glow and keep it hydrated.

About two weeks ago I ran out and I ordered another bottle.  I thought I’d be fine in the meantime and just use my other face washes.  But about 3 days ago I was putting my foundation on and my skin just looked off.  It felt rough and had weird dry patches and felt grubby and…dirty.  The texture was SO weird.  My bare skin felt dirty and rough to the touch.  I couldn’t figure it out, then I realized…not having the DHC oil deep cleaning my pores meant they were junking up with makeup and oil.  I was so grossed out.

Luckily the next day my oil came and within two days (4 washes!) it was completely back to normal and feels amazing.  It was really eye-opening how much of a difference the cleansing oil makes.


I rub a full pump on my face when I have makeup on and a half pump in the morning on my bare skin.  I pump it onto dry hands, and rub it in circles all over my face.  It’s super important that you rub it onto dry skin and only add water when you are ready to rinse.  Adding water immediately dissolves the oil.  So the oil won’t work if you put it on damp skin.

Once I see that all my makeup has loosened up from the small circles, I rinse my face.  Sometimes if I’ve worn super heavy makeup, I’ll follow up with the DHC Washing Powder (powder that turns into a cleanser with a drop of water, amazing to bring traveling).  But most days I wear a light-to-medium amount of makeup and so just the cleansing oil is perfect.

That’s it!  All your foundation and eye makeup is removed gently, and your skin will be glowing.

In the morning, I put a half a pump all over my skin, then if I have time, treat it as a mini-mask.  I leave the oil on my face and brush my teeth and make coffee.  Then I rinse the oil off and my skin is soft and glowing for the day.



The Cleansing Oil also make the best brush cleanser.  I put a pump or two (depending on how many brushes I’m washing) in the palm of my hand and swirl my brushes in it.  I let the brushes soak up the oil for a minute, then I start to gently, but thoroughly rub the oil through the bristles.

It’s important to use enough oil now to properly get all the makeup off, because once you start to rinse the brushes, you can’t add any more oil.  The water will just dissolve it immediately.

Under lukewarm water, start to rinse the brushes out, one brush at a time.  Gently massage the bristles and you’ll see all the built up makeup rinse out.  It’s completely disgusting, but fascinating.  You will be impressed and horrified and want to start washing your brushes waaay more.

Once your brushes dry, they will be the softest they’ve ever been!


Trust me, this stuff is worth every penny.  A bottle lasts me 8 months to a year, depending on how often I wash both my face AND my brushes.  Totally worth it to go through it a bit faster for the clean brushes though.  Your skin will be so soft and clean.  A absolute must if you wear liquid foundation.  Get it now, thank me later.

Shop Cleansing Oil {here}


Go Get Glam!


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  • casablancaweddingfloral
    June 1, 2014

    Totally creeping on your site for a few days now, you’re a riot and I love your blog!! I have been looking for a great new cleanser for a while since I have been pregnant – my skin has totally changed and it’s a nightmare!! So I am going to give this product a try (love oil cleansers) on your recommendation – found it on amazon.ca for a great price (for all your Canadian readers=) Thanks lady for all the giggles and great advice! Have a super day=) oxox Kayla

  • Lara Kennard
    June 7, 2014

    I just ordered this product! I was able to find it on amazon for a little less as well. Can’t wait to try it! I have dry skin as well and can’t wait to try something cleansing and soothing. I feel like your blog fell into my lap at the right time. Thanks for your fun blog!


    • mollykirker@yahoo.com
      June 7, 2014

      Thank you for taking the time to let me know and thank you about the blog!! I’m so happy you found it too 🙂 I hope the cleanser works for you, I’m so obsessed with it.


      • Lara Kennard
        June 27, 2014

        So I’ve been using the cleanser for about 10 days and I love how hydrating it is BUT I feel like I’m doing something wrong because when I use my astringent after washing with the oil the cotton pad has a lot of dirt on it. Am I not cleansing long enough?


        • mollykirker@yahoo.com
          June 29, 2014

          Hmm. Are you putting it on your face dry? Are you feeling the makeup dissolve? I try to rub it in circles for at least 30 seconds before I rinse. (Almost wrote minutes there, haha) I usually use a Konjac sponge after, which seems to get everything off for me. But if I get lazy and don’t use the sponge, I will sometimes have makeup on my towel after too, especially on days I had a full face of makeup on. Then, I’ll do a second cleaner. I’ll just use a little DHC cleansing powder or Burt’s Bees cream cleanser. The sponge is my first pick, or a creamy cleanser is second best, in my opinion. Let me know if that helps!

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