Individual Lashes Are EVERYTHING.


Individual lashes are one of my all time favorite beauty tricks.  They make me feel instantly better.  Once, I was watching football at with my friends and felt SO tired and looked tired.  I left the restaurant, went out to my car, put on individual lashes and came back in.  Insane?  Yes.  But those lashes made me look more awake and I felt one zillion times better, so it was worth looking a little crazy in front of my friends for.

You can dot a few that are the same length as your natural lashes right at your lash line to create a thicker looking lash.  Lately though, my favorite ways to wear them is full and thick all the way across my lash line, just like a strip lash.

I get the same effect as a natural style strip lash, but the individuals last longer (no pulling up at the edges or middle) and they look more natural.  Whenever I do the style shown in the video, people always ask if they are my natural lashes.

Video?  Yes, video.  Whoop-whoop!  I felt like this was a tutorial better suited to video, so I did a start-to-finish tutorial to show the technique and how each lash is placed.  At the end, I also put in a few of my favorite tips.  This is a thorough video, I hope it helps!  Ask questions below, or on the video if there is any part that makes you still say “whaaaa?”

P.S. to take off these lashes, I just make sure to gently pat a little DHC Deep Cleansing Oil at the lash line and let it sit for a minute.  Then I wash my face and the lashes slide right off, zero tugging or pulling!

Products used:

Individual lashes:  In the video, I’m using Red Cherry lashes, it’s easier to find Ardell lashes and they are the same quality and price.  Extra Short // Short // Medium // Long // Multipack (You don’t need all 4 sizes, just 2-3 based on your own lash length, you can also buy one length and trim as needed)

Duo Tinted lash glue

Tweezers – I use these to apply my lashes, but they also get every hair for brow shaping

Lash scissors – this pair is way cuter and smaller than mine, better for precision trimming!

Lash curler – best lash curler

Lorac Liner – best thin tip for fine lines

My eyeshadows in this video are from the Lorac Unzipped palette and in my crease and undereye to blend out the metallic shades, I used Kjaer Weis “Grace.”

Mascara was a sample of Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill

Waterline liner – Ardency Inn (best waterline liner ever)

Sonia Kashuk Lash Comb




I really do hope the video is helpful, but ask any questions you have!  Individual lashes do seem to be the one beauty area that has more of a learning curve, but once you learn them, they make a huge impact!

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Thank you for reading!


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  • Beth
    January 30, 2016

    What products did you use on your lips??!?

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