I’m Gonna TIGERMOM You.

Whaaaat?  Yep.  Me.  I’m going to “Tigermom” you.  Remember that mom who wrote that book about making her kids practice a gazillion hours a day so they’d be successful?

Wehlp.  I’m gonna do that to you. But it’ll be way more fun.  I promise!

Here’s what I mean, tell me if you feel the same way:  I’ll see a gorgeous new look that I want to try.  I’ll think, yeah I just got this new eyeshadow so I’ll try this new smokey eye look that I’ve never tried before when I am getting ready to go out Friday night.  Except Friday night you spend 20 minutes getting your foundation and the rest of your makeup done just right and then it’s time to do your eye makeup and you realize that you actually only have 10 minutes left to get ready and all of the sudden the pressure is on for this new smokey eye that you’ve never tried with new makeup that you’ve never tested to come out absolutely perfect because you don’t have time to re-do it before you go out.  AGH.

You’re either standing there sweating your foundation off, hoping your smokey eye comes out okay enough or you get scared and just do your same safe makeup.

My solution: TIGERMOMED myself.   A.k.a.:  Practiced, practiced, practiced.  Now I feel way more confident when I’m trying something new and I feel like it’s helped me get way better at doing my makeup.

Extreme cat-eye?  Tried it.  Every single shade in the Lorac Pro Palette?  Tested.  Umm, how does a crease brush work?  NOW I KNOW.

When do I do all this practice?  Thank you for asking.  I spend 5 or 10 minutes every day before I get in the shower or before I wash my face to go to sleep trying something new.

Trust me, it’s so, so, SO much more fun playing with your makeup and trying new looks when there is no pressure.

For example, I thought this OCC Lip Tar in Anime (neon pink) was way too bright and clashed with my strawberry blonde hair.  But then as I started to take it off, it kind of hit that perfect matte neon color for me.  So that was rad and maybe I’ll do this muted neon look again.  I mean, it ain’t always a win, there are definitely times where it’s like “Ok, yep, gonna shower now” but it is always fun to play.

Too intense.  But...

Too intense. But…

Blotted?  Yes, please!

Blotted? Yes, please!  Does it matter that it’s a little messy?  NOPE!  Going to shower anyways.



Please let me know how it goes for you and thank you for still liking me even though I’m a little nuts.

Go Get Glam!



  • Rose
    April 4, 2014


  • Machelle Ogletree
    April 5, 2014

    Great Idea!!
    btw- you’re SO pretty.

    • mollykirker@yahoo.com
      April 5, 2014

      Thank you! The practice has really helped me. And thank you for saying that about me, so nice of you!!

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