Hi, Here’s $400. Happy Valentine’s Day.

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Hi Beauties.

I think we can all agree, whether you are single, taken, or trying to decide how you feel about Tinder (I’ve taken it off and added back on my phone 8 times, I still insist it’s a dating app but some of the messages make me think the guys think otherwise) the one thing we all love is cold, hard, free giftcards.

So I’m teaming up with this rad group of bloggers to do a HUGE $400 giftcard again like I did for Black Friday and the holidays.  I love these giveaways because it’s a crazy big prize.  A whole lotta moola, babes.  So get your clicking fingers ready and dream up your ideal prize because YOU GET TO PICK WHICH STORE IT’S TO.  Yep, how cool is that!?

A little shopping inspo:  these curling irons have changed my life and I don’t even care if that makes me shallow.  I’m drooling over this new contour palette, I tested it the other day and it blends so beautifully.  I wear these jeans in black almost every single day.  They feel like if Spanx met Pajamas.  Can a $4 lipstick change your life?  Yep, if it’s this gorgeous Pumpkin Pie peach shade that I found online and ordered 3 of.

And  few posts to inspire you:

Hair color must have product

I don’t care what your relationship status is: YOU ARE AWESOME.

This is a cute look for right now, love this lip color.

The giveaway runs through 11:59pm on February 13th.  ENTER IT!!

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$400 Valentine’s Day Giveaway #2

$400 Valentine’s Day Giveaway #2

Thank you for reading, make sure you find a friend and tell them to enter and make them split the prize with you if one of you wins.  It’s way more fun to shop together!!  You can find me on YouTube: Molly Gardner, Instagram: @girlgetglamorous, and Facebook: Girl Get Glamorous.  You can pin any of the pics on the blog to Pinterest by hovering above them until a “Pin It” button appears.  Thank you again, now go dream of money.

Go Get Glam!



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