Glamour + Revlon Year In Color Party: All The Fun Times!

Glamour + Revlon Year In Color

So last night was awesome.  Super, super awesome.  My friend Candace, who also a blogger (you might remember her from the Friendship Friday post and her amazing blog, and I were invited to the Glamour + Revlon Year In Color party.  Makeup.  Party.  Makeup and Glamour Party.  Are you kidding me??  GLAMOUR.

YES.  I’ll be there.  (I am not the kind of person who can play things cool.  I can not.)

Loving Life.

Loving Life.

So I wanted to share some fun pics from the event.  It was held on the rooftop at the London Hotel in Los Angeles.  I hadn’t been to this hotel before, but will definitely be back.  The hotel itself is stunning.  So stunning.  The kind of stunning where you just want to take a minute to look at All The Things.

Glamour + Revlon Year In Color

Revlon had set up some stations for manicures and makeup touch ups.  Light touch ups, eyes and lipstick, etc.  I wanted a very, very cool manicure, but the sign up list was already 4 pages in by the time I got there, only 10 minutes after the party started!  Which is the most on time I’ve been for anything in my entire life.

That mint, though.  Ooo.  Pretty.

That mint, though. Ooo. Pretty.

They had set up these cool “color boxes” with a color for each box.  When you’d look at the things inside the box you’d sigh and think “oh, well now I want Everything.”  Exhausting.  😉  I thought this was a simple and clean looking, but also interesting, and perfect for the theme – a color party.

Glamour + Revlon Year In ColorGlamour + Revlon Year In ColorGlamour + Revlon Year In Color

Glamour + Revlon had a lovely open bar, well done my friends.  Candace and I grabbed a glass of champagne and sat and talked, laughed, and got to have the sweet little sugar dumpling makeup artist Cynthia touch up our makeup.  The party had great passed hors d’oeurves.  (Had to look up how to spell that and fought the urge to just write food trays.  Great food trays.)

Glamour + Revlon Year In Color

Lovely night with one of my lovely best friends!  Thank you, Glamour + Revlon!!

P.S. Revlon, please start selling Grow Luscious eye liner in stores again.  That would be so great.  Thank you in advance.

Here are a ton more photos because I went crazy taking photos and probably embarrassed Candace.

Outfit details: Trench coat – Michael Kors, Dress – H & M, Over-the-Knee Boots – Vintage

Thank you for reading!!  I appreciate everyone so much!

Stay Glam!

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