Eyelashi Lashes in “Sexy”: An Ooh-La-La Review

Lashes, lashes, lashes!  I have so many false lashes, that I have a special storage case separate from the rest of my makeup that I keep them in.  I know, I’m totally Marriage Material, right?

I’ve used a ton of different brands of lashes, but hadn’t heard of Eyelashi until I received a pair in a subscription box.  These lashes stood out to me immediately because the packaging is SO cute.  They come in a storage box that looks like a miniature pink gift box.  Inside, on the bottom of the package it reads “Be Glamorous, Be Gorgeous, Be You.”  HELLO, WE ARE SOUL MATES.  That’s seriously – 100% – the Girl Get Glamorous motto, like I just want everyone to Be Glamorous, Be Yourself.  I couldn’t believe it when I saw that, Eyelashi and I started out right on the same page.  Thankfully, the quality of the lashes is just as amazing as the packaging.

eyelashi-handtied-false-eyelashes-sexy-boxy-charm-review.jpeg eyelashi-handtied-false-eyelashes-sexy-boxy-charm-review.jpeg

Eyelashi’s handtied lashes retail for $9 a pair and can be reused up to 10 times.  I have worn them at least 5 times, I just clean the band in between each use, and they still look new.  They also have a whole range of mink lashes (collected cruelty free) that retail for $29 and can be reused up to 40 times.

I love on their website that they show each style of lashes on.  So helpful.  I’ve purchased so many lashes that look really different on me than they did in the package, which is fine, I still wore them, a mother loves all her children, right?  But it is sort of nice to see what they’ll look like before you purchase them.  They have so many different styles on the website, from “Oh hi, it’s Monday I just needed a little somethang-somethang for work” all the way to “It’s Friday Night, TURN DOWN FOR WHAT!?”

The style I received is called “Sexy” and these are definitely some Saturday night lashes.  I don’t wear big, bold lashes on a daily basis, but these are fun for emphasizing your eyes in a darker place (restaurant/club/on camera).  I trimmed the ends of mine a little to focus the length on the center.

What really stands out about these lashes is the black band.  When you apply the lashes tight to your own eye line, the black makes your eyes look bigger and your lashes look fuller at the base.  This is known as a “tightline” effect. Usually I do this with my eyeliner, so it’s nice to be able to skip a step and have the lashes do it for me.

That super flexible black band is a game changer.

That super flexible black band is a game changer.

Also, the band is really flexible, making them comfortable to wear all day.  When people say they have trouble applying false eyelashes, I always ask them what brand they’ve tried.  Some of the super affordable $1 or $2 level lashes have a really stiff band, so the corners pop up when you try to fit them on your eye.  With Eyelashi, the band is so flexible, they applied extra easy.  I have worn them all day without the corners coming up, which is a problem I have had with some other lash brands.  These stay on and stay comfortable all day long.  Like, super comfortable.  I always forget I’m even wearing lashes.  If you wear falsies often, you know this is a Big Deal.  Majorly comfortable.

A few styles that I’d like to try next are: from the handtied line – Dolly (maybe named after my main girl Dolly Parton??), Girly, Naughty, Sassy, and Sweet.  From the Mink line – Lover, Dazzler, Heartbreaker (must try next!!), and Believer.

It takes a lot for a new brand to stand out for me, and Eyelashi definitely stands out.  Their lashes are great quality, the perfect density, and SO CRAZY COMFORTABLE.  So comfortable.  If you are looking for lashes you can wear all day long for your wedding day, prom, or if you just love to wear lashes daily, you need to try this brand.  They are slightly more than drugstore brands at $9 a pair, but much less than MAC and Makeup Forever.  The Mink lashes are the best price I’ve seen also for minks.  Honestly, for comfort alone I’d say go for these lashes.  I’ve so happy to have discovered Eyelashi!

eyelashi-handtied-false-eyelashes-sexy-boxy-charm-review.jpegeyelashi-handtied-false-eyelashes-sexy-boxy-charm-review.jpeg eyelashi-handtied-false-eyelashes-sexy-boxy-charm-review.jpeg eyelashi-handtied-false-eyelashes-sexy-boxy-charm-review.jpeg

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