Every Contouring Product There Is On This Planet.

Ok, ok.  Maybe the title should have been: Every Contouring Product In My Makeup Collection Which Is Still ALOT.  Researching for this post made me realize I’m no where near close to owning every contouring product available on this planet, but I do have a mighty fine little collection going.

I really like each product for different things, so let’s dive right into strengths and weaknesses of each product like this is a romantic comedy movie and we’re making a list of “what I like” and “what I don’t like” that our crush is going to find at just the wrong moment!

I will say I have a lot of powders and would love to add more cream contours to my collection.  It’s crazy that it’s so hard to find a cream contour, but I do have one!

*Update, there have been so many new cream contour kits added to the market, will try to do a full cream contour post soon!

Becca Lowlight Sculpting Perfector, $38:

Best for: Everyone, including drier skin types.

What it is: A true “shadow” shade cream contour.

Strengths:  Best shadow shade I have found!  This blends easily, has a beautiful finish on the skin, and doesn’t cause any breakouts.  This is my ultimate contouring product.  I use it every day and am obsessed with it.

Room for Improvement:  None really.  This is on the slightly pricier side, but worth it!  The pigment and finish are so amazing.  Get this product.  I use it daily and lightly dust the Anastasia powder in “Fawn” over it to set the contour.

NYX Taupe Blush, $5:

Best for: Budget Contouring

What it is:  A single shade powder contour in a flip top container.

Strengths:  This is affordable and a true contouring shadow shade, meaning no warmth.

Room for Improvement: Difficult to blend, can appear a bit streaky.  The blush has a diamond design, which is cute to look at, but because of the highs and lows of the design, my brush picks up different amounts of powder, adding to the streakiness.

Maskcara IID Foundation – Contour Shade – Light, $26:

Best For: Creme Contouring, Fair Skin

What it is:  This set comes with cream contouring and highlighting shades in one compact.  I did a full review on it in {this post.} 

Strengths: This is also a true shadow, and perfect for fair-to-light skin.  If you have difficulty with contouring usually coming out way to dark and unnatural looking, this would be a great contouring product for you, especially with the Makeup Geek Contour Brush.

Room For Improvement:  Sometimes difficult to get it to blend with other foundation, depending on brand.  Stays on the creamier side, even when set with a powder, would love if it were a cream-to-powder formula.

*Update Jan 2015: Maskcara has released their new formula, have yet to try but I bet it’s amazing.  They are also only $9 each, so super budget friendly!!

Smashbox Contouring Kit (Comes with a brush), $45:

Best For: Travel Makeup Kit, Limited Space

What it is:  This kit comes with three powder shades in one kit and a brush.

Strengths:  This was my very first contouring kit!  Each pan is pretty large and I’ve been using it for almost two years on-and-off switching between products and I’ve only hit the pan on the powder shade.  The powder shade is the perfect balance of yellow for fair skin.  It really brightens.  The contouring shade is great and on the darker side.  The bronzer is a beautiful matte bronze.  This kit travels well, because you have your contour, bronzer, and powder all in one compact.  All the powders blend well.

Room for Improvement:  The brush isn’t my favorite, the bristles could be softer and more densely packed.  It feels a bit cheap.  I don’t use it much anymore.  Also, the powders are so close together because of the compact design, that it can be difficult to pick up the bronze shade with a larger, fluffy bronzing powder brush.  Shades or more limited, so you have to make sure the contouring shade will work on your skin tone.  Also, because I don’t use the brush, this kit is one of the pricier ones.  I wish they’d sell the powder trio separately from the brush.

It Cosmetics My Sculpted Face Palette, $38:

Best For:  Makeup Artists, Full-Coverage Makeup

What it is:  A palette with six powder shades.  Two shades are for highlighting, four are for contouring.

Strengths:  This would be a great palette for any makeup artist who works on a wide range of skin tones.  There is every contouring shade from lightest to deepest, all in one palette.  The highlight shade with shimmer is also a favorite.  I like that I can find any shade I need depending on how tan I am.  I also like that the shades are full coverage.  One swipe is really all I need.  In the pic, you can really see the full coverage vs. the other powders.  It Cosmetics products are good for your skin as well.

Room For Improvement:  I wish the matte highlighting shade was more of a peach or banana shade, rather than white.  I wish the powders were slightly creamier and easier to blend.  Because they are full coverage, I do feel like I spend a bit more time blending these to look natural.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Palette (original standard set), $40:

Best For:  Makeup Artists, Dry Skin, Customizable contouring

What it is:  The Anastasia kit I purchased was the standard set from Sephora, where the shades were pre-picked.   Now the Anastasia website allows you to pick whichever shades you want and the shades all pop into-and-out-of the palette.  I can still pop the other powders out of the palette book, I just didn’t get to pick which shades I wanted.

Strengths:  By far the creamiest of all the powders and the easiest to blend.  For anyone who has dry skin like me, this is huge.  The tones are wonderful and so natural looking.  They don’t streak and are totally uniform.  The price is great for six shades.  I use the shade “Fawn” the most out of any contouring product I own, over my Becca cream contour.

Room For Improvement:  Honestly, the only thing I don’t like about the palette I purchased is the shimmer shade, I think it’s “Sand.”  It comes out super chalky on my skin and makes my skin look patchy and weird in those spots.  I wish I had waited and done the customizable palette, I might have just done four lighter contouring shades and the peach and banana light powders.  Also, I would love if Anastasia did a cream palette as well!

best-contouring-products-comaprison-anastasia-it-cosmetics-maskcara-smashbox-nyx.jpeg best-contouring-products-comaprison-anastasia-it-cosmetics-maskcara-smashbox-nyx.jpeg

Research and Development meting at the lab.  (my bathroom)

Research and Development meting at the lab. (my bathroom)

Anastasia Contour Kit.

Anastasia Contour Kit.

Products I’d like to try:

Illamasqua Cream Pigment in Hollow, $30:  Supposedly great for fair skin contouring!  The brand has mysteriously disappeared from all US stores that used to carry it and is only available through their UK website now.

MAC Pro Sculpting Cream, $20:  Another cream contour I’d like to try, my only worry is that it looks a little too bronze and warm.

RCMA Cream Contouring Palette, $30:  RCMA is a brand loved by professional makeup artists.  I have been wanting to try it for a while, from the photos I’ve seen, skin looks flawless. *Update, I tried the RCMA and while it was easy to blend, the contouring shade was slightly too warm for my fair skin.

Ben Nye MediaPro Contour Cream, $18:  (Can you tell I’m on a cream kick??)  This is an affordable cream contour.  The shades look a bit deep though, I’d like to see them in person before buying. *Update, tried and loved the contour shades, but the ingredients weren’t the best for everyday wear, as these are intended to be for stage/theatre makeup.

Also, I use the Tarte Slenderizing Brush to apply and blend my contour powders.  Full post on this brush {HERE.}

I hope this post helps!  With so many products on the market, it’s good to know where they all stack up.  Please feel free to share this post on your Facebook and Pinterest!  Follow @girlgetglamorous on Instagram for daily beauty pics.

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  • Israa
    January 11, 2016

    Which did you like better? The Becca lowlight sculpting cream or the Ben Nye MediaPro Creme Shadow in the neutral shade? I’ve been going back and forth to see which one is better

    • Girl Get Glamorous
      January 13, 2016

      Becca all the way! The Ben Nye color is nice, but the ingredients are a bit harsh to be wearing daily. I love the Becca Lowlight though!!

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