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Move over Subway, there’s a new queen taking over the $5 throne.

Yep, each ColourPop eyeshadow and lipstick is only five dollars.  Colourpop makes eyeshadows, lip liners, and lipsticks, which they call “Lippie Stix.”  Each product is intensely pigmented.

*Update: Colourpop also makes blushes now, you can read that full review {here}

There are tons of drugstore brands that offer super affordable makeup, but where Colourpop stands out is that it’s affordable AND high quality.


The eyeshadows come in Metallic, Pearlized, Satin, Pressed Pigments, Tie Dye, or Ultra Metallic.  I purchased eight shades: Truth (satin), Bandit (satin), Hammered (metallic), So Quiche (metallic), Bae (metallic), Cricket (metallic), and Amaze (metallic).

Colourpop recommends applying directly with your fingers or with a synthetic brush and to use a synthetic brush at the end to blend.  I prefer to apply with a brush and have found I get the same amount of pigment on my eyes, with less of a mess on my fingers.


– these are super pigmented.  What you see in the pan is what the shadow will look like on your eyes.  This counts for 10 “Pros” in my book.  My biggest issue with drugstore eyeshadows is it takes several times going over the same area and reapplying shadow to get the level of intensity I want.  This takes way too long and also adds wear to the skin.  These shadows are the color you see, with one, maybe two applications, depending on how much I blend.

– they apply easily, with minimal tugging on the eyes.  Less tugging = less wear and tear on the delicate skin on your eyes.

– the price is super affordable.

– the online swatches are accurate.  For an online-only company, this is very important.

– colors/shades are super unique.  There are so many that I’ve never seen in any palette.

– no animal testing.  Awesome!

– very comfortable to wear, zero irritation on my eyes or skin.

– minimal fallout with the cream formula.  When I apply with my fingers, I have zero shadow fallout.  If you love dark shades, try these shadows!  You won’t have to clean up your undereye area after.  Because I apply with a synthetic brush, I do get some tiny amount of fallout, but it’s minimal compared to powder shadows.

– made in the U.S.A.


– I’d love to see more satin finishes available.  Most seem to be metallic, which is gorgeous to add a pop of shimmer, but can be a bit too much shimmer for me for my everyday, basic b*tch makeup.  I love me some neutrals.

–  The darker shades seem to have a staining effect, similar to a cheek stain or lip tint, which is great for longevity, but I had to learn to blend right away and wash my hands before it set.

My thoughts:  I like the metallic finish shadows best as a pop of sparkle in the middle of my eye over a matte powder shadow in the same shade.  I did have to spend a little time practicing blending them when I wore only ColourPop shadow, because I wasn’t used to working with cream shadows on my lids.  I do like the cream formula, it’s so gentle on my skin, it just took some practice because it was new to me.  I did wear mine with a primer.  You don’t need a primer to get the colors to be more intense right away (one of the main reasons I wear eye primer) but I did find that it helped the shadows not crease.  When I skipped the primer, I did get some creasing.

colour-pop-colourpop-eyeshadow-truth-amaze-so-quiche-bae-hammered-animal-bandit-review-swatches.jpegcolour-pop-colourpop-eyeshadow-truth-amaze-so-quiche-bae-hammered-animal-bandit-review-swatches.jpeg colour-pop-colourpop-eyeshadow-truth-amaze-so-quiche-bae-hammered-animal-bandit-review-swatches.jpeg colour-pop-colourpop-eyeshadow-truth-amaze-so-quiche-bae-hammered-animal-bandit-review-swatches.jpegcolour-pop-colourpop-eyeshadow-truth-amaze-so-quiche-bae-hammered-animal-bandit-review-swatches.jpeg

On to the Lippie Stix and Pencils!

I love, love, love these.  One of the awesome things about this company is the huge range of shades they have available.  They make every lipstick shade from the palest lip to jet black.  They even have a green and teal lip shades.  So if you’ve been wanting to try a vampy, dark purple lip or wondering which shade or red lipstick will look best on you, this is your company.

The liners for the lighter and medium tones are slightly deeper than the lipstick shades.  At first, I double checked to make sure I hadn’t put the wrong one on.  Then I realized that the darker shade is intentional, so create a more natural, dimensional lip.  This natural looking nude lip, instead of flat, pale zombie lip.

The lippie stix twist up and the liners need to be sharpened.  Each lippie and pencil contains the same amount of product, .032 oz.  I was on the fence about needing the liners, because I have a ton, and I’m SO glad I got them.  The darker shades are great to have, because they are a perfect match, which it can be hard to find for red or vampy lip shades.  The lighter pencils are great, because even though they are slightly darker than the lipsticks, they are perfectly coordinated tones, so they look amazing together.  The lighter pencils look best if you fill in almost half of your lips with them, then layer and blend the lipstick over them.

The liners really keep the lippies in place.  For the darker shades, they gave me an ultra precise red lip.  The glossy shades I found tended to “bleed” the most without the pencils and the lighter shades looked less natural without the liners.  The satins and mattes stayed in place and the mattes have a long wearing formula.  Meaning you will not need to reapply all night.  Just bring your matching pencil with you to touch up the around your lips if you are eating or drinking.

The liners are all matte and the lippie stix come in a glossy finish (lighter shades), satin (mid tone shades) and matte finish (darker shades).

I don’t have a single con I can think of.  I’m completely obsessed with these pencils and lippie stix. I can’t believe you can get an entire lip look (lipstick and liner) for $10.

I got mine in BFF, Tipsy, Button, Rocket, Heart On, Frenchie, and Bichette.


colour-pop-colourpop-cosmetics-lippie-stix-liner-review-swatch-swatches-bff-tipsy-button-rocket-heart-on-frenchie-bichette-lipsticks.jpeg colour-pop-colourpop-cosmetics-lippie-stix-liner-review-swatch-swatches-bff-tipsy-button-rocket-heart-on-frenchie-bichette-lipsticks.jpeg

Love this "Button" shade.

Love this “Button” shade.

Bichette has become a fav too!

Bichette has become a fav too!

A hint of Rocket.

A hint of Rocket.

Un petite de Frenchie.

Un petite de Frenchie.


Liners on top as hearts + GGG, Lippie Stix colors below, L to R: BFF, Tipsy, Button, Rocket, Heart On, Frenchie, Bichette.


A few last things: I’m really hoping the company expands and creates eyeliners and cream blushes.  Also, they have excellent customer service.  Each package comes with a note personalized with your name.  At first, I thought “that’s cute” and then I really thought about how awesome that a company even decided to do that in the first place.  Really nice touch.  Also, my first order, of the eyeshadows, was lost.  I filed a lost package notice with the post office and forwarded the case number to ColourPop.  They replied to all emails quickly and immediately sent out another package.  Not to mention, their emails were nice and professional.  We all heard that recorded cable company “break up” call, right?  Professionalism is a nice thing for a company to have.

Overall, I’m so glad I found out about Colourpop.  Their lippie stix and pencils have won me over.  I wear them at least 3 or 4 days a week.  The shadows are great, “Truth” has become my go-to crease shade and “Amaze” is a good shade to get if you just want a quick wash of color over your eye to give you a little polish on rushed days.  I also like it under the arch of my eyebrows and at the inner corners of my eyes for extra sparkle.  I want to get a ton more lip shades and more of the satin finish eyeshadows.  There is really something for everyone with this brand.  Makeup junkies will love the color range, drier skin types will love the cream formula of the eyeshadows and the minimal tugging, and people who don’t have a ton of time for makeup with love how quickly and pigmented all the products go on.


Thank you so much for reading!  I really hope this review helped and please let me know if you try any of the shades!  Had anyone else heard of this amazing new company?  Leave me a comment below, I’d love to hear what your favorite shades are.  Please feel free to share this post and pictures on your Facebook or Pinterest.  Follow @girlgetglamorous for daily beauty pics and @colourpopcosmetics to see some major makeup creativity from their followers!

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Go Get Glam!


  • Lara Kennard
    November 9, 2014

    I can’t wait to try all of these! I love that you’re fair skinned like me. Would the eye shadow you’re wearing in this tutorial work for someone with fair skin, greenish-blue eyes, and dark brown hair?

    • Girl Get Glamorous
      November 11, 2014

      Hi Lara,

      Thank you, yes these are amazing! I think this would work for you, it sounds like we have pretty similar skin/eyes and your hair might just be slightly darker. If you find the green shadow is too matchy-matchy with your eyes, you could add a little taupe or charcoal at the corners to deepen it up and change the color slightly. I hope this helps!


  • summer
    November 26, 2014

    awesome review 😉

    • Girl Get Glamorous
      December 1, 2014

      Thank you!!

  • Jen
    December 1, 2014

    I would love to know which brushes you use for these my brushes just aren’t picking it up

    • Girl Get Glamorous
      December 1, 2014

      I used these brushes from e.l.f. because they are synthetic or the brushes from Makeup Geek. I sometimes put the color on my my fingers first and then just blend it with the brushes after. But I do find these two brands also work well. I hope this helps!

    • charlotte
      December 2, 2014

      Try a spongetip applicator.. those work the best. I had to go buy some because I use brushes for everything lol.

      • Girl Get Glamorous
        December 2, 2014

        Ooo, smart, I hadn’t even thought of that! Thank you!!

  • Sarah
    February 18, 2015

    What is the color on your eyes in the first couple pics???

  • Amal
    July 7, 2015

    Love your blog!

    • Girl Get Glamorous
      October 13, 2015

      Thank you!!! xo

  • Nadine
    October 13, 2015

    love them! Where did you get them from? I’m going to the US in a few weeks but couldnt find any store that sells it. Is it online only?

    • Girl Get Glamorous
      October 13, 2015

      Hi Nadine,

      Yes they are online only, through, and they do take about a week to ship, so I highly recommend ordering now and having them shipped to the hotel or friend you are staying with. I know most hotels will hold a package for you if you give them advance notice 🙂 Try the new “sheer” finish lippies, they are my absolute FAV! Have a great trip too… xo Molly

    September 26, 2016

    I just found your page as I was searching for colourpop swatches. You are beautiful, and the 4th picture you look so much like the actress Lauren Graham from Gilmore Girls. I had to take a double take.

    • Girl Get Glamorous
      September 27, 2016

      Oh, wow, thank you!! That’s a really nice compliment. Thank you! And welcome to the blog 🙂

      xo Molly

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