Cinch Polls: Prepare Yourself For Addiction

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I got a text from my friend Candace, fromCtoC, on Monday that said “I’m hosting a Cinch party on Wednesday, want to do it with me?”   My first two thoughts were “what the heck is Cinch?” and “probably.”  I miss Candace so much since she moved to the Bahamas that even the thought of a virtual party with her made me smile.  I need to visit her ASAP.

In the meantime, I looked up Cinch and started playing with the app.  You post photos and take polls.  For example “Which shoes do I wear with this dress?”  And then have you friends vote on which pair or open it up to everyone on Cinch and get a public vote.  So I think I will try some polls on what kinds of posts are your favorites or on what products to review next.

I bumbled around the app a bit, I’m not great with new technology.  So stick with me today if my polls aren’t seamless.  It is pretty straight forward though, so even I feel like I “get” it.

Here what surprised me and where the addiction comes in, and maybe it’s only for weirdos like me.  But I LOVE seeing the results.  Seeing which picture wins is the very best part of this app and before I know it I’m 10 polls deep just so I can see what picture won.  And then next to the results it shows you which follower voted for which picture.  Seeing the stats pop up after you vote makes my heart leap!  I swear this app combines my two favorite things: statistics and telling other people what to do.

Download it here: for iphone.

You can find me on Cinch, @girlgetglamorous, to vote on my polls.  Spoiler alert, they will probably all be about makeup.

Go Get Glam!


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