Bumble & Bumble Pret-A-Powder Review & Demo: About That Big Hair Life

Let’s see, a new product that promises big body?  Yep, I’ll try that, thank-you-so-so-much.

Bumble & Bumble has come out with a hair powder that they are calling it “equal parts dry shampoo, volume extender, and volume in a pinch.”  Pret-A-Powder retails for $26 for 2 oz.


Ok, just to get these out of the way fast, here are my two “things” with this product that are my only drawbacks with it.  Otherwise I absolutely love the powder.

I purchased this powder intending to use it as a dry shampoo.  I had just finished a bottle of Khlorane dry shampoo, and it has a squeeze-and-poof application.  So I assumed that B&B’s Pret-A-Powder would be just as easy to apply.  It’s not.  (Imagine “whomp, whomp, whomp” cartoon music playing.)  You have to put a small amount in your hand, then put it in the spot your want in on your head.  Any time I tried to apply it directly to my head, so much product came out of the tiny hole on the top of the bottle.  It was just way too much product for one spot.

Also, I think this is way more of a volumizing and body building product than a dry shampoo.  I’ve tried many body building hair texturizing powders.  I didn’t like how they all my hair feel super tacky in that spot.  My fingers wold get stuck where I had added product.  Pret-A-Powder adds great volume, but without that tacky feel.

So I wish Bumble & Bumble would market the product as a volumizing powder instead of a dry shampoo.  Because as a dry shampoo, it disappoints (applicator as mentioned and texture is too tacky for an all over dry shampoo), but as a texture powder it is the best I have ever tried.  Ever.


I love it for:

– Giving braids grip.  Swirl a bit of this powder in the palm of your hands and then start to work through a braid.  Your hair and braid will hold like never before.

– Adding volume to the front of your hair.  I tend to touch the front of my hair a lot (tucking it behind my ears, playing with the front pieces, etc.) so it gets greasier and can fall flat more quickly than the rest of my hair.  So I put a dab of powder in my palm, touch the powder with my pointer and middle finger from my other hand, then work that small amount of powder into the roots at the front of my hair.  It gives the best, best, best volume at the front of your hair and bangs.

– Adding volume at the crown of your head.  For major volume at the crown of my head, I apply the powder in the same way as I do to the front of my hair, I just go over the same area several times for really big volume.  When I use this powder, I can skip hair spray at my roots.

I use this product only once or twice in between shampoos.  The volume seems to stay for me, so I try to conserve the product and also not have a ton of build-up in my hair.  It absorbs nicely, but even still, has some build up as all products do.

Overall, I love this product for adding body and texture in my hair.  It adds instant volume and hold where ever you touch it into your hair.  Watch this powder in action HERE.


Gives nice lift and volume to bangs and hairline.

bumble-and-bumble-pret-a-powder-review-and-demo.jpeg bumble-and-bumble-pret-a-powder-review-and-demo.jpeg

Love how it gives volume AND hold without a tacky texture.

Love how it gives volume AND hold without a tacky texture.

Thank you for reading and I hope this review is helpful!

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  • Dickie
    April 5, 2014

    Molly- I’m on the market for a new dry shampoo. Ideally I’d want a spray that smells wonderful and doesn’t flake- having a hard time finding all three in a dry shampoo. Do you have any recs?

    xo. Dickie

    • mollykirker@yahoo.com
      April 8, 2014

      Hi Dickie!

      Ok, so I have been going through my mental catalogue of dry shampoos (future post idea!). For spray dry shampoos, “Pssst!” and Khlorane are a favorite. They do a great job as a dry shampoo, but scent wise are neutral. Batiste makes great scents, but I found I had to spray lightly or the texture became too thick on my hair. The Khlorane dry shampoo in the pouf bottle is my favorite in terms of a dry shampoo, application, and just doing the overall best job. As far as flaking goes, I generally apply the dry shampoo, rub it in with my fingers, wait five minutes, then brush my hair and sometimes hit my roots with the hair dryer for a couple seconds to add volume. And this helps it fully absorb for me for not flaking. I hope this helps!

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