Brush On Block: A Sunblock Review From A Pale Kid


I have been wanting to try a brush on sunblock FOR-EVER!

It took me so dang long to try one, but I’m glad I did.

I tried it and loved it and I want to talk about why, so here is my review and some tips.

I am using Brush On Block, which contains .12 oz of powder and one attached brush.  It retails for $32.  They also sell refills for the bottom powder section that retail for $17.

This sunblock comes in a powder form.  There is a chamber at the bottom of the tube that connects to a brush.  You twist the chamber to unlock the powder and let it go up into the brush, flip the whole tube upside down, give it a little shake to help move the powder into the brush.  Then you can swipe the brush over your skin to apply the sunblock.

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10 reasons why I love this stuff:

  1.  It works.  It has definitely prevented me from sunburns.
  2.  It applies easily over makeup.  This is huge for me.  So many times I would be wearing makeup for an all day event or a beach day and not be able to put more sunblock on my face halfway through the day.  I’d reapply to my body and just hope that the SPF in my original sunblock and makeup would be enough.  The Brush On Block swipes on over my makeup just like any normal setting powder, so I can reapply my sunblock throughout the day.   A huge win for a pale kid!
  3.  When I’m at the beach and sweaty and don’t feel like putting more sunblock over my neck and chest, you can swipe this on and the powder feels nice and light and helps stop that sticky feeling that you can get from liquid sunblock.
  4. It’s refillable!  I looked at a ton of brush-on brands for this type of product and so many don’t offer refills.  I love that you can buy a refill for half the price of a new tube and that you can wash the brush just like you would any of your other makeup brushes (which you should definitely do every couple of weeks).
  5.  It’s great for guys.  I was going to the pool with my boyfriend and he “didn’t think he needed any” sunblock on his face.  What?!  No, no.  When you hang out with Irish people, you will wear sunblock, My Friend.  It stresses me out so badly to be around people that aren’t wearing sunblock.  I swear, I can’t even have any fun, I’m just constantly looking at their skin, waiting for it to turn pink.  I told him it would help so he wouldn’t get a burn and also it would keep his face from getting super sweaty.  That’s what sold him.  He let me brush it on his face and he did not burn that day.
  6. Brush On Block is about half the price of the other brush on sunscreens I looked at.  And the refills are $17.  I only use this on my face and upper torso and use a separate sunscreen for my body.  I’ve been using mine for a solid year and I still have a ton left in the tube.
  7.   Powders expire much slower than liquids.  So you don’t have to worry about using the tube up quickly before the sunblock level isn’t as effective.
  8.   The tube is small enough and light weight, so it’s easy to keep in your purse and/or beach bag.  The cap came off mine once in my purse and there was a minimal amount of powder that came out onto the other things (junk) in my purse that easily brushed off.
  9. I also think they’d be great for people with kids because you could do a super fast touch up on their faces and shoulders and it actually absorbs sweat instead of being sticky like most sunblocks.
  10. The sunblock ingredients in the product, titanium dioxide and zinc oxcide, are natural and non-chemical.   Non chemical the safest/purest type of sunblock you can use.

How I apply:

I primarily use this block over my makeup.  I swipe it gently over my face, just like I would a setting powder.  I also run it over my ears, down the sides and back of my neck, and over my chest and shoulders.  It can also be used on the part of your hair and along your hairline.

The only downside I found was that when I applied it on bare skin to go for a workout, the next day I found that my skin was extra sensitive.  So for me, having very sensitive skin, I only like to use this over makeup or other sunblock that was applied previously.

Overall, I am SO happy that I finally tried Brush On Block.  It is awesome.  It works, the price is right, and the refills make it more budget and environmentally friendly.  It’s perfect for over makeup.

I also think it would make a great Father’s Day gift!  It’s easy to use and I feel like guys like things that are no-fuss like this.

You can shop Brush On Block on Amazon (it’s the company’s Amazon store, so the items are authentic), Anthropologie, and B. Glowing.  The refills can also be found in the company’s Amazon store.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope these reviews are helpful!

What’s your favorite formula for sunblock?  Do you rely on the sunblock in your makeup or wear a separate block?  I love to know what other people are using.  Let me know in the comments!

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