I love the internet.  Seriously.  If blogs and youtube had been around when I was growing up, I would not have had as many cringe-worthy beauty & fashion moments.  As a blogger, I love and can spend hours reading other people’s blogs.  I also have a few favorites that I love for different reasons and love to check in on.

So, in no particular order…

{Blogs I Love}


My inspiration for beauty blogging.  I love reading her blog and her youtube videos.  True beauty.


My lovely friend Candace started this lifestyle blog.  Candace is the kind of friend who you can ask a random question to, like “what’s the best outdoor-use votive in a seaside theme?”  And in 4 seconds you’d have an answer and a website.  Her blog is like that if you aren’t lucky enough to have her on speed dial.  Now I’m just bragging.


Beti is beauty blogger I found through Instagram (@makeupsessions).  Her pics are really incredible and her posts are to the point and very informative.  I highly recommend her blog.  Also, did I mention her pics are incredible?!  Every one is a work of damn art, I swear.

  • Lizz Pugh Lmt
    May 1, 2015

    Thank you! I’m always looking for new blogs to follow and be inspired by. (Mine is at http://heckyeahmakeupinspiration.tumblr.com)

  • Missy
    February 28, 2017

    You are lovely! What is your natural hair color? Mine is dark blonde and I love the shade you achieved in the end. It is about a 6-7 but I don’t want to turn orange by using a level 8. I am about 15% gray. Thanks! Missy

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