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Hi, Fall!

It’s still 80 degrees in L.A. right now as I type, but I am willing Fall temperatures to happen.  How, you ask?  By writing about Berry lipsticks, of course.

I love berry and plum shades all year round, but heck, do they look even better in the fall.  These are my top picks for my fair skinned and red headed ladies.  I was convinced for-ev-er that I couldn’t wear berry shades because they looked too dark on me, but after testing out a ton of shades, I realize that is silly.  I love how berry shades contrast with fair skin and berry is a super flattering shade for redheads to wear.  Funny how we can get an idea stuck in our head that is so wrong.  Berry shades are now one of my go-to makeup looks.

These picks are great products and just gorgeous, so even if you are a bit deeper than me, they are worth a swatch in store to see if they might work for you.

Lipsticks are one of those great makeup categories where you can find products that work really well at every level, so I included picks from drugstore to high end.  I love when I feel like a drugstore baller.

From Lightest Coverage to Fullest Coverage:

Marc Jacobs gloss in Kissabilty:  This is much deeper in person.  In photos with a flash it looks almost soft pink, but it really does show up as a berry shade on the lips.  Good ice breaker shade if you are terrified of wearing any deeper colors on your lips. …Update, ok so of course I can’t find this shade anywhere online, the closest dupe I can find is L’Oreal lip gloss in Blushing Berry.  My point on this one anyhow was that if darker colors scare you, a berry toned gloss is a good place to start.

Marc Jacobs "Kissability"

Marc Jacobs “Kissability”

Kjaer Weis in Rapture, $49:  Great organic lipstick!  This shade also appears slightly deeper in real life, but photographs more sheer.  It’s very comfortable on and the color is a beaut!!  The only downside is that it is in a pan form, so it does have to be applied with your fingers or a lip brush.  This formula leaves your lips so soft as it fades.  Kjaer Weis uses very high quality ingredients and that shows in how nicely the lipstick hydrates your lips.

Kjaer Weis "Rapture"

Kjaer Weis “Rapture”

Milani lipstick in Uptown Mauve, $5:  This shade is a pretty decent dupe for my beloved tube of Maybelline limited edition berry lipstick in Pink Grandeur (that I hoard – because sometimes it’s easy to find on amazon, sometimes not so easy.)  The color is intense with just a few swipes and the formula is comfortable on the lips.  It also holds up well, it just has sort of a funky too-sweet berry taste (ironic, I know).  The taste deters me from wearing this color more often, so if you have a big thing with scents, now ya know.

Milani "Uptown Mauve"

Milani “Uptown Mauve”

Revlon Colorstay in Supermodel, $8: This is a much paler berry/plum shade.  I was surprised by how much I like the shade on and how wearable the color is.  The formula does have that long-wear tacky feel though that kind of bugs me if I’m wearing the shade all day.  But it’s very elegant on, so for a night out I can handle the formula.  It’s a very deep but soft shade.

Revlon "Supermodel"

Revlon “Supermodel”

Too Faced Melted lipstick in Melted Berry, $21:  I really tried not to play favorites in this post, but I would be lying if I didn’t say this shade is a stand out for me.  It’s a MUST HAVE for redheads.  I rarely say you must have this exact product and shade, but this one is a a total win.  It’s a gorgeous deeper berry shade and an absolute fav.  The formula is heaven, light and extremely pigmented, and longer wearing without feeling like a long wear.  Meaning a little will go a long way because the pigment is so strong, you don’t have to apply a lot and lasts a while so you don’t need a lot of touch ups though out the day.  I have the tiny deluxe sample size, the full size will last you forever.  I love this shade.  Just so dang much, my heart is filled with love for it.  (There is a limited edition deluxe size set for $25 that has four shades of Melted lipsticks, great deal and way to try 4 colors.)

Too Faced "Berry"

Too Faced “Berry”

Dose of Colors in Berry Me, $18-$25:  This was a total Instagram purchase for me.  I saw it on a gorgeous makeup artist, @makeupshayla, and Had-To-Have-It.  I stalked it down (it’s always sold out) and was so excited that it looks just as amazing against my fair skin as it does against her deep skin.  The formula can feel like a long-wear matte and be a bit drying, so I carry a basic chapstick with me so I don’t ruin the matte effect but get some hydration on my lips.

Dose of Colors "Berry Me"

Dose of Colors “Berry Me”

best-top-favorite-berry-plum-shades-for-redheads-fair-skin-drusgtore-mid-range-high-end-beauty-blog-blogger-los-angeles.jpegFor some reason these swatches came out lighter in the graphic than they are in real life, just an fyi.  The bottom three especially are a true deep berry tone.

Wearing "Berry Me" and my favorite sweater.  Fall, where ya at?

Wearing “Berry Me” and my favorite sweater. Fall, where ya at?

Thank you for reading my top berry picks!  What is your favorite lipstick shade for Fall? Let me know!  Social – ize: Facebook // Instagram @girlgetglamorous // Pinterest // Youtube.



  • Roseann
    October 24, 2015

    I am a redhead for over 35 years now. They discontinued one formula from my hair color a few years ago & my color hasn’t been the same. My hairdresser mixed 3 different colors. She came me the formula & it was always perfect until they discontinued the color !!!! Its really nice but not like what I had. Now i starting trying different products. I love love love the color in the picture above. What is the formula in the Pin It above…love it!!!!!! As far as the lip color I’m sorry not too crazy about it. I will look later & let you know what I use!!!! I use a lot of corals with my red hair & they look great!!! I have a gorgeous pink I wear also. Thank you so much for all your postings I love reading them & trying some of your things!!! Hope you will write back & tell me the formula of your color!!!

    • Girl Get Glamorous
      November 21, 2015

      Hi Roseann – the formula is the 3rd one from my Wella post – thank you!!

  • Candace Marie (@MsCMarie)
    October 24, 2015

    Obsessed with that Miliani and the Berry Me!! Eek I want them!


    • Girl Get Glamorous
      October 28, 2015

      I think you’d actually like the Too Faced Melted berry the most. The formula is insane!!

  • monacristo
    November 2, 2015

    Such pretty colors
    We should follow each others blogs

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