Aveeno Sheer Hydration Event + Drugstore Win

A little while back I got to attend a very cool launch event for the new Aveeno Sheer Hydration lotion.  It’s a lightweight version of their Daily Moisturizing Lotion and retails for $6.99 for 12 oz.

The event was hosted at Olive + June nail salon in Beverly Hills.  I had been wanting to check out that nail salon forever, so I was doubly excited.  Beauty launch and fresh nails, I’m in.  The salon is absolutely gorgeous and fresh and clean, which is a perfect fit for Aveeno, in my opinion.  I arrived and chose my nail color off the wall, they had set up the nail wall with polish from CND in Aveeno themed shades of blue, white, and beige.  I chose a gorgeous nude-sand-beige shade, I think it was called “Powder My Nose.”  I’m mad at myself that I forgot to take a picture of the shade name, but my vigorous internet stalking has me convinced it was this shade.

Three things:  1 – I had one of the best manicures of my life.  2 – CND vinylux nail polish rocks and made my nails grow super long and did not chip for a week and a half.  It’s amazing.  And 3 – the new Aveeno lotion is amazing.

Believe me, I know it probably comes off like I’m saying that only because I got to go to this event.  But trust when I say, holy heck, it is good stuff.  I’m glad that I got to go to the launch, because I might not have tried it otherwise… it’s weird how many products I’m willing to put on my face but when it comes to my body I always skipped lotion.  I can’t stand that feeling when you put lotion on and you can feel it sitting heavy on your skin all day long.  Or when you think it’s sunk in and then you get hot and the lotion, like, rises from your skin and makes you greasy.  So I’d just skip it most days.  But I have reached for this lotion every time I have gotten out of the shower since this event.

I’m so, so impressed with the Sheer Hydration formula.  It does take about 15 seconds, where it feels semi-sticky and I panic, then it totally sinks in and my skin is hydrated, but not sticky or greasy at all.  Like magic.  It eliminates my dry skin patches and makes it look healthier overall.

The smell is a light oatmeal-esque smell that also disappears right away and didn’t interfere with my perfume at all.

This is a huge drugstore WIN for me.  The price is awesome and the formula is amazing.  Now my next big wish is that Aveeno will do this Sheer Hydration formula with SPF.

I wanted to share a few pics from the event too!


How gorgeous is this backdrop to the salon chairs??

How gorgeous is this backdrop to the salon chairs??

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Love meeting other bloggers!  The sweet and gorgeous Taye Hansberry of www.StuffSheLikes.com

Love meeting other bloggers! The sweet and gorgeous Taye Hansberry of www.StuffSheLikes.com

Loved my nails!

Loved my nails!


I went with winged liner, a bold lip, and loose waves for the day!



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