$2 Drugstore Beauty WIN

Am I seeing the world through rose colored glasses or is it just this bangin’ rose tinted lip balm from Vaseline?

This drugstore find is only $2.  TWO BUCKS.  The big size Vaseline tubs are only about $5, but can you fit them in your purse or pocket?  No, you can not, unless you are bringing JNCO jeans back.  Remember them?  With the super wide legs.

This balm leaves the perfect rosy tint, great for days when you want a soft, diffused, all natural look.  I love this on days I don’t wear any makeup, because it keeps my lips hydrated and gives them a little life.  One tip: apply in thin layers or your lips will feel goopy, as this does take a while to sink in.

I keep one of these in my purse, one in my nightstand, and one in my car.  Prepared?  To quote a former Alaskan governor: You Betcha!

In conclusion, this is a very amazing drugstore find!  You will be happy you bought it and probably end up getting more, like me, with no shame in my mini game.

vaseline-rose-tinted-lip-balm-mini-review-swatch.jpeg.jpeg vaseline-rose-tinted-lip-balm-mini-review-swatch.jpeg.jpeg

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  • Angie
    September 14, 2014

    Hi, stumbled across your blog via stumbling upon your Instagram, yay social media! I am a total makeup noob, but am now realizing that there are so many magical things I could do if I took a little time to learn. I have been stuck on Bare Minerals (foundation, mineral veil, blush, bronzer, eye shadow) for probably 5 years now but am starting to feel like I don’t get enough coverage especially since I have the worst (and essentially permanent) under eye circles. I can’t seem to find any posts about Bare Minerals on here, what is your take on their products? As someone who always feared the “cake face” look of heavy liquid foundation any suggestions on what to try first should I feel bold enough to switch back to a liquid foundation? Like I said, total makeup noob here so I’ve never really followed any sort of beauty blog but yours is my first, I appreciate your humor and attitude about getting glam! 😉

    • Girl Get Glamorous
      September 16, 2014

      Hi, I’m so glad you found my blog too! I used to love Bare Minerals foundation in my twenties, but now at 33, I’m finding that it sits in my fine lines a bit more, so I switched back to liquid foundation. I use Tarte Cosmetics BB cream and Amazonian Clay foundation, applied with my fingers then blended with a damp beauty blender (the best at preventing cake face foundation). I do still like the Bare Minerals blushes and lipsticks and glosses though. Dolly in the Buxom lip gloss is one of my all time favorite products! For under eye concealer, Amazing Cosmetics makes an incredible full coverage concealer that also looks natural.

      I hope this helps!

      • Girl Get Glamorous
        September 16, 2014

        And also, yay for social media and thank you that I’m the first beauty blog you’ve followed. You made my day!

        • Angie
          September 16, 2014

          I will have to give your suggestions a try, already made one Ulta visit this weekend to snag a few items, but I’m thinking its a good thing I’m a rewards member because I’ll be back! Also didn’t even mention it before, but I’m obsessed with how perfect your strawberry blonde hair is! Thats actually how I found your Instagram, your shade is exactly what I’ve been dreaming of for myself. I am slowly getting more brave with coloring my hair but I haven’t taken the full leap yet. Your videos are awesomely helpful! Super cool you take the time to write back to your commenters too. Thank you thank you! I’ll be creeping around your blog from now on 😀

          • Girl Get Glamorous
            September 22, 2014

            That’s amazing, please tag me in an Instagram pic if you do strawberry blonde! I’d love to see it and I LOVE when people tag me in their hair color transformation pics.

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